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A Note From The Creators of Positive Impact Magazine October 2010

This is our first online issue!

Charity Beck and Jen Hellmann have been lifelong friends. Charity called me with an idea 2 years ago. “I’m so tired of hearing nothing but negative news broadcasts everyday, that I’m thinking of starting a magazine to promote the positive news, the good news of the world.” I of course loved the idea. “Let’s do it,” I said. About a week later Charity called to me again, “I woke up in the middle of the night with a name for our magazine – Positive Impact Magazine!”  Without hesitation, I replied again, “Yes! Let’s do it”. We knew it was the right thing to do.

From the “middle of the night” name inception to the first national online and print issue, we have had many hurdles to overcome, met incredible people and had one of the most soul nurturing experiences one could have. The insightful people we have met on this journey have truly inspired us to keep moving forward.  There have been many obstacles to overcome, but we have found that these challenges only make you stronger and wiser. Learning comes from challenges and has given us the confidence and ability to keep going.

We hope to inspire others who want to get out there and make something happen for themselves or for another. A dream you have, an education to continue, a chance to volunteer, or simply to live a good life. These things are all attainable.

We are so honored to be a part of the movement that is happening with the magazine, people from all over the world have subscribed, offered us incredible feedback, submitted story ideas and much more. We have found that Positive Impact Magazine is inspiring people to take action. Take a look at some of our current reader feedback.

We hope you enjoy our first online issue. We’d love to hear what additions you would like to see or learn on our new website and would welcome your ideas about making improvements so that your experience with PIM is a positive one!

Thank you to all our incredible contributors for this issue!

Charity Beck
Founder/Editor In Chief/Publisher

Jen Hellmann
Co-Creator/Creative Director/Publisher

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