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October 4th Charity Beck on the Stacy Stern radio show

Creating a Positive Impact

October 4, 2011
at Noon Pacific Time / 3 pm Eastern Time
Hosted by Stacey Stern

Charity Beck is the founder, publisher, and editor in chief of Positive Impact Magazine. More than its print and online magazines, Positive Impact is a movement to bring people together with positive news, articles, and stories that inspire, educate, encourage hope, and help make the world a better place. Tune in to The Stacey Stern Show ~ Enriching You on Tuesday, October 4 at Noon Pacific Time / 3 pm Eastern Time for a big dose of inspiration. Charity will share stories about people who are making a difference in the world each day through acts large and small. She also will talk about opportunities for you to get involved in something that inspires you and/or spread the word to others about projects or causes dear to you. Join us in creating a positive impact together.

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