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Hats for Hunger Donates Knitted Hats to Heifer International

“If a 9-year old can help fight hunger, so can you.”

So goes the motto for Hats for Hunger, a cause spearheaded by Andrew Castle. In 2008, Andrew (now 11) saw how he could meld a enjoyable family hobby with a charity he was interested in.

By: Rosrin Wuithiran

Hats for Hunger, a cause spearheaded by Andrew Castle

Andrew was impressed with Heifer International where people could purchase animals for impoverished families to help cultivate livestock and earn income. By making knitted hats, Andrew, his younger brother, and mother could sell them online and then donate the earnings to Heifer International. After the first year in operation, they earned $1,500!

“I originally learned to knit in school when I was in first grade, but forgot how and mom re-taught me the skill later,” says Andrew. The family was able to make hundreds of hats in the first years, but as the demand grew, they were glad volunteers offered to donate knitted hats to the cause.

Last year, Hats for Hunger earned $5,000 in sales. Currently, Andrew hopes to hit $10,000 in sales. “A $20 hat pays for a flock of chicks or ducks. A $30 hat pays for honeybees. A $10 hat buys a share of a pig, etc,” he states. To show how each donation helps visually, he says, “I’d like to add a chart to the website to show how each hat helps to pay for animals via Heifer.” He was also impressed by how the charity has developed with the amount of people who supported Hats for Hunger, giving donations, promoting, and buying hats. The number of hat-making volunteers has grown to 100 worldwide!

Andrew Castle standing with Hats • Photo courtesy Andrew Castle

Hats for Hunger has expanded through the years. Interested patrons could buy hats and also gift certificates, where recipients could pick out their own hats. One could also help out by knitting hats to donate. At the main website, check out the contact section to inquire about donations.

One of the interesting aspects of Andrew’s project is that there is no extra administrative/overhead cost to account for; the hats for sale are donations from various knitters and volunteers throughout the world. The bonus comes from buyers ordering hats they like and knowing all proceeds will go directly to Heifer International.

The East Valley Youth Goat Project, Kentucky • Photo copyright and courtesy of Heifer International.

Be sure to check out: www.hatsforhunger.com

Information on: How to get involved with Hats for Hunger

Please mail hats and/or yarn to:
Hats for Hunger
645 Towne Hill Rd
Montpelier, VT 05602


Heifer International

began over sixty years ago, operating in 57 countries stretching as far as China and operating even closer in the Appalachians. The organization provides goats, cows, pigs, and other livestock for farming. Developing a source of income provides the families with opportunities for education, better housing, and healthcare. These renewable resources can bring continuous foods and supplies as animals produce offspring and help future generations of families. Items range from a flock of chicks which can be given for $20 to one camel for $850. One can either select which animals to purchase and donate or donate a certain amount of money for the farming families who can select on their own. Not only are animals on the list of choices, but other items are included such as water wells and gardening supplies.


Rosrin Wuithiran is a freelance writer from Texas. You can find her writing portfolio at www.roswriting.webs.com.

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