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I Can Do It. Again. Again.

By: Julie Starke

Nothing reaches more people than a healthy dose of inspiration, and that’s exactly what Hay House, the largest publisher of self-help, inspirational and transformational books and products, served up in the annual ‘I Can Do It’ conference at the Tampa Convention Center.

A series of author lectures, workshops and presentations that span the country, ‘I Can Do It’ is just one of the many resources offered by this publishing house from San Diego, California. It’s founder, Louise Hay, is most known for her successful jump into publishing, at the ripe age of 60, in order to self-publish her own material.

She has since grown Hay House into a full scale publishing company, adding authors that have reached the best sellers list over and over as well as radio programming (Hay House Radio), a self-publishing arm (Balboa Press), and a workshop circuit offering inspiration and practical advice. Couple this with millions of customers and you have a recipe for success.

Louise Hay is a marvel. And so is her company.

Copyright (c) 2011 Hay House and www.healyourlife.com

The Beginning of the Magic.

Hay House really began in 1976 when Hay decided to publish her own book. She had survived cancer and, in the process, discovered a way of healing previously reserved for shamans and medicine men of indigenous tribes. She called it ‘positive thinking’ and went on to talk about it in a pamphlet she assembled called ‘Heal Your Body.’ It was this little booklet that thrust Hay into the spotlight as people from all over the world gathered to hear her speak about the power behind the positive.

The impact was immeasurable and it propelled Hay on a path to publish yet another book, You Can Heal Your Life. Each became international bestsellers, with You Can Heal Your Life selling over 40 million copies worldwide. It is Hay’s daring adventure that helped establish Hay House as a leader in the transformational movement and propelled it to the forefront as the largest publisher of self-help and inspirational books and products.

So, in 1984 a star was born and its name was Hay House Publishing. Today this publishing gem has its hands full with positive messaging that spans the globe. They continue to host the world-renown “I Can Do It’ conferences as well as individual author presentations that focus on the material that Hay House authors create. And it is this material that continues to inspire, encourage and make a positive impact on people all over the globe.

A Weekend of Treasures.

While ‘I Can Do It,’ is a global phenomenon of epic proportions, the Tampa conference featured some of the best authors in the self-help business. From Wayne Dyer to Debbie Ford to Marianne Williamson, there was a treasure trove of inspiration and a multitude of motivation to live a life of passion. Hay herself made appearances at the conference and, in her own words, told the audience to ask themselves, ‘how can I help?’ And then go from there.

Wayne Dyer was the keynote speaker on opening day and, in typical Dyer fashion, provided the audience with warmth and wit that both inspired and entertained. His surprise appearance at a pre-conference writer’s workshop delighted the audience, as he candidly shared stories of his foray into the world of writing and comforted would-be authors with his own stories of rejection.

Copyright (c) 2011 Hay House and HealYourLife.com

From meditations on love with Christiane Northrup to shadow work from Debbie Ford, the conference brought together some of the biggest names in the self-help world.  Gregg Braden brought us the past as a key to understanding our future; John Holland channeled loved ones for those lost in grief; and, Brian Weiss helped us understand the healing value locked in our past lives.

Caroline Myss shared the mystery and power of prayer and Marianne Williamson closed the conference with ‘A Course in Weight Loss’ based on her trademark foundation ‘A Course in Miracles.’ Each brought their own style to the conference yet asked the audience to dive deep within to access the divine.

It is material of this nature that makes the Hay House authors some of the most sought after speakers and presenters in the world of inspiration and motivation. And it is the ‘I Can Do It’ conference that continues to make a positive impact on all those in attendance. The Tampa conference and workshops were no exception.

So, in the words of Louise Hay:  ‘when life calls us, that’s when we have to answer.’ The call to attend an ‘I Can Do It’ weekend conference is clear. If you hear it, go. You will find a treasure trove of work to guide, inspire and move you to change the way you think.

And, as Hay knows, ‘when you change your thinking, you change your life.’

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