By Brandt

With Super Bowl XLIX having recently ended (in dramatic fashion, no less!), and the 2015 NFL Draft still a few months away, for many, it can be hard to keep that fire burning inside (if you’re the eat/drink/sleep kind of football fan) while longing for those Sunday afternoon rituals to return!

Just yesterday, the Cleveland Browns released on their official website a new helmet design (the top half of a two year team player uniform re-imagining project), that left many football fans asking, “What change?” The update was so subtle, that even if you had to squint to see it, there’s almost no difference from the previous incarnation true to the history of their franchise!

Needless to say, if you’re a member of the “Dog Pound”, it’s ok if you don’t feel like barking in the yard just yet!

With that being said, however, there’s a helmet reimagining story for all 32 official NFL teams abuzz on the internet, that may get your football excitement going, starting from this very moment as you read through this posting (up until the official kickoff in September)!

Making its rounds through social media and most major Sports Talk Radio and TV stations across the country this week, a little known design firm by the name of Paul Bunyan Design have offered their own reimagining of a fresh, new look for all 32 NFL team helmets.

Although, in all likelihood, these design proofs may, in fact, never make their way past the front door of the NFL headquarters for consideration of approval by the league and its 32 owners, these helmet designs are wildly exciting to look at (and worth a share and a re-share)!

Feel free to check them out (courtesy of here at the link below:

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