About Positive Impact Magazine

This magazine is a window to the world of uplifting consequence and inspiring effect. It is based on the idea that the smallest action, done with positive intent, can be life altering and, much like a raindrop, can create a ripple effect of untold proportions. Our readers share our passion for the positive and know, too, that small changes can have big results.

We believe people need a place to find answers to life’s challenges and to align with others who are on a path of intentional living. We give hope where there may be little and provide resources to stimulate intelligence in an uplifting manner.

We are building a community of influences that will reach beyond their own backyard in ways previously unimagined. They value caring for their inner life while demonstrating strong passion for social improvement and support causes, frequent businesses, purchase products and use services that are in line with these values.

If every person chose to make a difference through small positive actions each day, our world would be flooded with optimism, hope, joy, and peace. It is our intent to inspire others by what we do and, along the way, serve as a creative influence.

Join us on our quest to create a powerful resource of education, inspiration and hope. Let’s give new definition to the words “positive impact” and create a worldwide movement encouraging solutions for life!