By Jo Ann Fenstermacher



I have a secret. I am in love.

No, we are not a couple. We are two people who know very little about each other. But, I feel as if I have known him forever. From the moment I met him I wanted to say, “ It’s you!” But, given the situation, those words would of been completely inappropriate.

Through the years, my affections for him have grown. Instead of fighting these emotions, I chose to embrace them. He gave me the gift of laughter and play. His smile touched my soul and he allowed me to recognize its purpose. He gave me my strength back and my desire to thrive. And to think all this momentum grew from just one smile, and one “Hello.”

He rekindled the girl I once was and it feels euphoric. I am going to use this new found courage and take action. I am going to let go of things that have not worked in my life and create a future full of love and adventure. When I return, I am going to embrace him, look into his eyes and say, “Thank you. How can I ever repay you?”

From September to December, I am going to interact with enlightened people and photograph spectacular landscapes in Idaho. Come join me!