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Before the age of ten Michalla had seen most of the U.S. as she traveled with her parents, professional ice skaters. Michalla has since had a plethora of experiences that lead her to PIM. Michalla published her first children’s book, Harold the Duck Learns to Fly in 2011. She has several more books awaiting recognition, along with poems, short stories, and fictions. Michalla has experience as a trained singer, actress, and dancer. She also learned the art of fencing. Michalla has worked at Disney as an entertainer, and taught gymnastics and dance to kids and teens. Michalla has taken part in several charities such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, and All Children’s Hospital where part of her proceeds go. She currently models part time as a T.V. host, commercial model, and voice over actress. She works for Florida Robotics as a robot and android handler, interns for several magazines, and recently started her own company, The Enchanted Party. Michalla graduated with a double B.A. with honors from Eckerd College. She double majored in Creative Writing, and Human Developmental Psychology. Now Michalla will attend Harvard for her M.A. in journalism. Michalla enjoys traveling the world with her friends and family, writing, reading, jet skiing, rock climbing, working with kids, practicing the violin, learning new languages, painting, eating, and trying new things. Her motto? Live life to the fullest and follow your dreams!

Michalla Brianna Bolton’s Stories