By Michalla Bolton


Paulo Bacchi

          Artefacto connected with PIM to announce that the CEO of Artefacto and a long-time philanthropist, Paulo Bacchi, is donating an “Artefacto Lounge” to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. Artefacto did such with the intention of providing the comfort of home to women battling cancer. The lounge will serve as a luxurious reprieve in the midst of Sylvester’s hospital—a place where families gather to prepare for often difficult treatments in an environment that encourages wellbeing and survivorship. It is slated to be completed by the spring of 2017.

PIM had the honor of interviewing Mr. Bacchi about this outstanding project.

Artefacto Lounge

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PIM: How did the company begin and what was the inspiration behind it?

Paulo Bacchi: My father started Artefacto in 1976 originally in São Paulo, Brazil to bring a new approach to contemporary design in our country. We still hold true to these design values in all of our projects. I came to Miami with my family about 12 years ago and introduced the first Artefacto showroom in Coral Gables. We now operate three stores in Miami.


PIM: For now, will the lounge only be available at the center in Miami? If it’s a success do you have plans to provide this donation to other centers?


Paulo Bacchi: Since our U.S. operations are located in Miami, it made sense for us to give back to our community. We love this city and my family calls it home. In the future, it would be an honor to design a lounge for another healthcare center.

PIM: What inspired you to make this donation?

Paulo Bacchi: Our goal at Artefacto is not only luxury living, but also to create spaces for families to gather for a strong sense of warmth and comfort. What better place to do this than a hospital environment, where families are dealing with difficult situations and need as much comfort as possible.

PIM: What do you hope this lounge will bring to patients physically, mentally, and emotionally?


Paulo Bacchi: I feel strongly that luxury design should not only be in residential settings. Design can be very powerful and healing when experienced outside of the home. When we started communications with Sylvester about our vision for a lounge, our philosophies aligned seamlessly to bring an element of home into their environment as a positive influence on patient care and recovery.

PIM: What have patients and/or workers at this center said about this donation?

Paulo Bacchi: The team at Sylvester is excited to bring this concept to fruition with our designers in 2016.


PIM: Can you tell us more about the design concept?


Paulo Bacchi: The concept for the lounge is based around a sensory experience of natural and calming palettes and textures. Soft lighting, natural fabrics and organic woods are essential and soothing. We want people to feel and embrace their senses and surroundings—to see, smell, touch, hear, etc.

PIM: What other charities has your company been a part of?

Paulo Bacchi: Brazil Foundation, which aims to help and uplift Brazilians through creative ventures, as well as Dolphins Cancer Challenge (DCC), an annual cycling competition.


PIM: How does this company make a daily positive impact on people’s lives?

Paulo Bacchi: For 40 years, Artefacto has encouraged families to gather and entertain at home. This is truly our core philosophy and the simplicity of warm contemporary design. It is the background, or canvas, for a good life.

We believe home is the most important investment. It is where families and memories are cultivated. Sylvester is my tribute project to this beautiful city. And I hope this is a starting point for more innovative design in healthcare.

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