It’s almost that time of year ghouls and gals! Time to dust off your Halloween decorations and figure out new ways to scare the neighborhood children. However, we don’t think artist Christine McConnell will get the chance to see many trick-or-treaters coming up to her door by the look of her spine-chilling DIY home furnishings. The artist used hand-painted foamboard designs which she cut herself transforming her parents’ house into a multi-eyed, sharp-fanged house monster. McConnell is also well known for her deceptively delicious pastries fashioned to look like spiders, snakes and other tentacle-ridden creatures

Christine McConnell, the incredibly talented artist and photographer whose terrifying cakes we wrote about earlier, has just shared a creepy set of Halloween decorations that she created for her parents’ home. Using hand-painted foamboard designs, she turned her parents’ house into a giant, fanged, sleepless house-monster.

Source: Artist Turns Parents’ Home Into Haunted House Straight Out Of A Tim Burton Film