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Happy Birthday to Annie Smith Peck who was born on this day in 1850! The trailblazing journalist and athlete best known for her mountain climbing feats on several world wonders was born in Providence, Rhode Island and worked as a teacher of Latin before pursuing her mountaineering career. Peck set many mountain climbing records, including the highest climb in the Americas in 1908. She earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Greek at the University of Michigan, leaving after to study in Germany. Peck then became the first woman to attend the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece. Peck began her mountaineering career at a time when few women would brave the elevations, and oxygen masks were not yet used. She climbed the Matterhorn in Switzerland in 1895 and later went on to set another record in 1897 when she conquered Mexico’s Mount Orizaba. Cheers, Annie!