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The Must Have Book Series of the Year

By Michalla Bolton

     Fans of fiction need look no further for the next great adventure. Lovers of Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Lord of the Rings now have an entirely new collection to explore thanks to Juliet Marillier and her world renowned historical fiction series. Marillier currently has 19 books released with the 20th on its way. Each story blends romance, history, fantasy, and adventure perfectly into one compelling tale after another. These stories are ideal for males and females, teens to adults and leads the reader through war, heart ache, fanciful quests, and unexplored lands.

     Marillier, began writing for personal therapy. She started with one of her favorite fairy tales, The Six Swans, as a base for a story about a real family in crisis. “That mode of storytelling seemed to be what came most naturally. I have loved history, mythology and folklore since I was very young, so it is not really surprising that they have such a big influence on the way I write.”

     When it comes to settings, Marillier takes the time to explore the lands she is incorporating into her stories. This detailed knowledge brings to life entire worlds for readers. Marillier researches geography, flora and fauna, climate and weather but feels that nothing can compare to traveling to the actual locations. “Visiting those settings also allows me to get a feel for the culture, and to do research in libraries and museums that often have historical material not available elsewhere. I try to keep details authentic. My novels are generally set in our world’s real history and geography, with a magical element based on what the people of that time and culture might have believed.”

     Marillier’s stories are not only hard to put down, but they ooze with strong characters that inspire inner strength and determination in readers. “Just as the old fairy tales and folklore provided codes for survival and maps for wiser living, so I try to provide something in my writing that will strike a chord for readers, male or female, and have some relevance to their lives even if the setting is historical and/or fantastic.”

Recently, Marillier had to draw on the inspiring inner strength of her characters as she battled her own war with cancer. “I had a surprise diagnosis of breast cancer in 2009, followed by surgery and a long period of treatment. I had no symptoms – it was picked up at a routine mammogram. There’s nothing like a reminder of your own mortality to bring what is really important into sharp focus. A lot of the world simply drops away; you discard what doesn’t matter. Because the female characters in my books mostly deal with their challenges quite bravely and wisely, I felt obliged to do the same or I’d have made a lie of my own storytelling.”

     So what enthuses this inspirational author? Marillier stated that she is inspired by those who exemplify kindness, courage, endurance, and friendship. Marillier also reflected on how she hopes her stories are making a positive impact on readers. “I know my writing has guided many readers through their own dark places and kept them brave while facing all kinds of life challenges – I get a lot of messages thanking me for this. It’s pretty humbling. The positive impact is modest in the world picture, but I don’t think that matters. Even helping just one individual to be braver, stronger or wiser is worthwhile.”

     Marillier’s book will undoubtedly stand the test of time and continue to inspire readers and writers around the world. “I hope my books engage the reader’s emotions and give him or her something to think about. Ideally, they will touch both the heart and the intellect.”


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