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Leading Indigenous Voices, Spiritual Luminaries and Scientists.

NEW YORK , NY  (June 12, 2015) —New York Times bestselling author Gregg Braden kicks off a 5 week interactive video webinar NATIVE WISDOM FOR MODERN TIMES , hosted by Evolver Learning Lab and facilitated by Glenn Aparicio Parry, author of the bestselling book Original Thinking. Starting on June 25th, leading luminaries, authors and indigenous voices including Braden, Grandmother Mona Polacca,  James O’Dea, Ashok Gangadean, Hopi Elders —Jerry Honawa & Vernon Masayesva, Grandmother Stanton, Carole Hart, Tina Fields and many more will share deep, transformative insights for personal and planetary change.

“Glenn has long been at the forefront of the dialogue between indigenous wisdom traditions and the latest science,” said Ken Jordan, Evolver’s Content Director and Co-Founder. “The Evolver community is excited by this territory, and we’re honored that Glenn and his distinguished guests are offering this in-depth discussion through our online learning platform.”

For all the achievements of modern “progress,” the Western way of thinking has led us — personally and collectively — to a crisis. We experience ourselves as fragmented beings, separated from one another and Nature, and this alienation has led to destructive behavior that endangers the future of life on this planet. But we have the potential to transcend this crisis, and leave the era of separation behind.”

This new world view aka—  “Original Thinking”—  can  help us reconnect with the Source that brings us the experience of our truest selves and perhaps help us reconnect with the living elements and help our precious planet in the process.

In this Webinar participants will learn:

  • Techniques from Native American wisdom traditions.

  • How being close and “connected” to Nature can help us achieve a deep, calm state.

  • How to embody a different awareness of time – to let go of the “myth” of linear human  progress, and appreciate time’s cyclic nature, as Indigenous people do.

  • Embrace your cosmic origins that will reconnect you to your full humanness.
  • Access insights from the latest science and research that can open you to experiences of time, space, and the power of consciousness that will transform awareness of yourself and the world.

  • Discover how to awaken from the sleep of modernity and return to the “Source”.

  •   Learn to live in state of gratitude and prayer , “The Origin of Thinking is Thanking.”
“It is important to incorporate Native wisdom into our lives because the separation we feel is only illusory. Nature and human nature; being and Human Being, are One. The concepts we routinely use, the way we see the world, has perpetuated certain illusory ways to seeing and being in the world that are dangerous. We treat the plants, animals, and all the elements poorly because we don’t understand they are us. Aparicio Parry continues, “I hope you will join us and our guests for this important dialogue.”

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