By Michalla Bolton

Brooke 7

     When Brooke Saward began blogging about her travels she never imagined it would change her life forever. Now 23 year old Brooke has traveled to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Australia, Fiji, the U.S., and the Caribbean. Brooke is about to publish her third book, has acquired a plethora of global readers, and is able to travel almost completely expense free. This lack of expenses is due mostly to advertisers, fans, and sponsors of her blog. Brooke also produces vlogs (video blogs) for her fans. These vlogs document Brooke’s adventures, allow her to answer fan questions, and to produce fun traveler tutorials. At a young age Brooke Saward has taken the world by storm in order to promote Wanderlust.

While on her most recent venture in Peru, Brooke Saward took a few moments to discuss with PIM how she is making a positive impact on the world.

     “It’s a great privilege to be in the position where I can experience, see, and do so much (…) which I believe puts me in the position to encourage as many people as possible to do the same in their lives! I hope I have inspired others to chase their dreams and more importantly remind them of their strength. I’m also really passionate about encouraging young people to travel as it is the best education you can give yourself.”

Brooke began blogging in 2012 while on a one-week trip to Thailand. For Brooke, writing and posting photos about her travels was an outlet for a passion that would soon turn into a career.

     “My main objectives are to inspire and inform readers. I want to create content (photos, videos, stories) that draws people in and convinces them to visit the same destinations or have the same experiences. And on top of that, it is important for me to provide ample information so that they can make that a reality. I want to make travel more accessible, easier to arrange yourself and especially encourage solo travelers.”

Along with her blog Brooke takes the time to answer questions for her fans through AskBrooke vlogs. In a travel make-up tutorial Brooke stated that it was important for woman to enhance their natural beauty and features, not hide them. When asked about this Brooke replied,

     “This is definitely an outlook I have only achieved by self-growth – which for me has been through travelling. Years ago I used to wear a lot of makeup, count calories and compare myself to other women around me or those I saw in magazines. I guess over time I have learned that my best asset is just to be myself – there’s nothing more attractive in a person than confidence.”

Brooke, is also about to publish her third book.

     “My books so far have been in response to so many readers asking what my story is, how I started, and how to create a successful blog themselves or easy to read advice about solo travel. For that reason I released these as E-books only in order to remain accessible to readers across the globe. For my first print release (this year), I’m digging way deeper and showing readers the highs, lows and everything in between of what it is like to take a year to yourself to travel. I hope this book inspires readers to take time to find out who they are, what they like, what they don’t like, and what they believe in.”

     Brooke has also worked with charities to bring awareness to the human trafficking of young girls in South East Asia. Brooke now awaits her first humanitarian trip with a very established charity working to tackle poverty. When asked what inspires her Brooke stated that she was most inspired by powerful business woman who chase after their aspirations without fear of stereotypes. Brooke’s most life changing moments? A safari in South Africa, hiking in Patagonia, and visiting the museums and palaces of St. Petersburg. Russia. Brooke admits that her travels have made her a much more open person in social situations. “I say yes to trying new things, I’m more patient, understanding and interested in learning about other cultures in order to understand and appreciate difference. One of my favorite quotes was one I heard on the road in South America, “it’s not wrong, it’s just different.”

     Some of the locations Brooke travels to might be considered unsafe to her blogging audience. However, Brooke believes that many of the countries she has visited have attracted criticism – like travelling throughout the Middle East as a solo female. “I think those experiences have been the most life-changing. It is such a shame that people believe solely what they hear in the media or from biased sources, instead of going out into the world to see for themselves what a destination is really like.”

     Brooke’s next flight will take her to Cambodia and once she has seen the world Brooke’s biggest aspiration for acting may lead her to entirely new adventures. Whether she’s hiking through rainforests, skydiving, or working on her next creative installment, Brooke Saward has changed the way the world views travel. At a young age she has proven how far following your dreams can take you and inspired millions to do the same. So what are you waiting for? Wanderlust awaits.



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