"Patti with Bolex-1, 1969"
Image Source: theredlist.com

Happy birthday, Patti Smith! The incredible poet and songwriter was born on this day in Chicago before becoming one of the most influential artists in the New York City punk scene during the ’70s. After moving to Philadelphia as an adolescent, her interest in music stems from high school when she fell in love with jazz and rock n’ roll musicians like John Coltrane, Little Richard and The Rolling Stones. Smith moved to New York City in 1967 taking a job at bookstore in Manhattan where she attended poetry readings, her first at St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery, which would become one of her most well-known achievements as a poet. Throughout the next few years, Smith devoted all her attention to writing before incorporating music as an outlet for her poetry. She formed a band in 1974 recording “Piss Factory,” now highly regarded as the first true “punk song.” Her 1975 album “Horses” was a huge success serving as the catalyst for ten more albums throughout her 35-yearlong music career.