If your only familiarity with Jerry comes from “Seinfeld,” let his standup remind you that he’s a guy has deeply studied the craft of joke writing.

Source: Jerry Seinfeld Did 5 Minutes Of Standup On ‘Colbert’

Jerry Seinfeld has come a long way from his standup days, performing in random bars and comedy clubs. After the success of the sitcom “Seinfeld,” Jerry skyrocketed to fame and has retained his place among the stars for nearly 30 years. With fame, of course, comes busy schedules. It’s hard to get back to your roots when you’ve got movie deals and spokesman proposals coming at you from all directions. While there’s no denying his comedic abilities, there’s just something about seeing Jerry Seinfeld in his element, on stage, microphone in hand. Luckily for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing that,
he’s kicking off a year residency at the Beacon Theatre. Want a sneak preview? Check out the five minute set he performed on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. What’s the deal with doughnut holes anyway?