You’re a Star Wars fan. At least, your chances of being a Star Wars fan are very high, considering what I know about our lovely TechCrunch readership. Plus,..

Source: Fear Leads To The Dark Side So Install This Chrome Extension To Stop Star Wars Spoilers


On Friday, December 18th, the internet will explode. Not literally of course. But if you think your social media is saturated with Star Wars now, just wait until the film actually comes out. The biggest issue: spoilers. Not everyone can go to the midnight premiere or see it the day it comes out, and those who can will likely have the self-control of a child in a candy store. But now you can shield your eyes and rejoice; Force Block, a Chrome extension, blocks internet pages with certain
keywords from the movie to help prevent spoilers. Now you can peruse the internet with more confidence that you won’t find out important information like Darth Vader is actually Luke’s father, or that Luke and Leia are twin siblings! Nothing is worse than a spoiler!