Hollywood knows how to tell a story. Embed yourself. Know your audience. Be succinct. Tips for communicators from ‘Star Wars,’ ‘The Revenant,’ ‘The Hunger Games’ and other new releases.

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If you’re anything like us, you go a little crazy when a trailer comes out for your soon-to-be favorite movie. Have you been able to pick up on the communication and marketing tactics being used in these trailers? Yes, even in “The Good Dinosaur” there is a lesson to be learned: be brief. All the trailer does is ask a simple question. Maybe you should do the same? Keep your pitches short and to the point, and don’t weigh down your communication with unnecessary details. If you have a deadline to meet and you’re feeling uninspired, try putting yourself right in the heart of the action, like Leo DiCaprio did in “The Revenant.” Walk the floor and find a lead that way. And when in doubt, use the Force. That is, bond with your fellow coworkers and unite around a common cause. A company that operates as a single unit will surely defeat the Dark Side.