Sara McDonald


      For many people British rock band Coldplay has been a staple on their playlists since the 1990’s. Being one of the very few bands who have remained true to their music it has been easy to have a steady and loyal fan base. For many of their loyal fans this meant standing in line for concert tickets, waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the band members after shows, but mostly it meant connecting with millions of other fans through Coldplay’s six albums, and now for their seventh and final album “A Head Full of Dreams” which was released December 4, 2015.

            The Band’s front man Chris Martin, explained in an interview how this final album was a milestone to the band members, as “It’s our seventh thing, and the way we look at it, it’s like the last Harry Potter book or something like that,” Martin said. “Not to say that there might not be another thing one day, but this is the completion of something.”

            Arguably one of the most uplifting albums made by this brilliant quartet, it stands in staunch contrast to the bands last and more muted sounding album “Ghost Stories.” “A Head Full of Dreams” delivers exactly what the title boasts of to its fans. A clear precise message of hope and dreams with lyrics like “Oh, I think I landed, where there are miracles at work” and “Everything you want’s a dream away, and we are legends every day” it’s hard to argue that this feel good album makes you do anything but just that—feel good.

            If this is in fact Coldplay’s final album they did so with an excellent team for the grand slam finale album, as Noel Gallagher plays guitar for the track “Up&Up” and you will also find Beyonce as background vocals for the same track as well as for the catchy “Hymn for the weekend”; which Bollywood inspired music video is surely one that will be remembered as one of the most visually appealing music videos of this year and years to come. The track “Everglow” also has a surprise guest vocalist: Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin’s ex-wife, in which he compares her to a diamond.

            As hard as it may be for the fans to say goodbye to a band that has stayed so genuine to their writing and musical processes, this album maybe just that—a farewell letter, in which they explain their hopes that their fans never lose sight of their dreams. The band poured their hearts into this final album Martin expanded on the thought process behind the album as “I have to think of it as the final thing we’re doing. Otherwise we wouldn’t put everything into it.” All in all this was the best way for them to end their journey; with a strong message showcasing hope, and proving that hard work and staying true to yourselves is the best way to make your dreams come true. If this is the end, they ended it brilliantly and beautifully.