When Brandon Rimes came up with the idea for The Real Estate Quarterback Show in the summer of 2012, he wanted something different. He didn’t want to be just another disconnected talking head in the media. He didn’t want to focus on all the negativity in the news which often enough ends up becoming what we are exposed to everyday while we are driving, on our electronic devices or reading while we are having our morning cup of coffee. Brandon wanted to take a stand against the mainstream media, and so The Real Estate Quarterback Show was born.

It has been over three years since The Real Estate Quarterback Show was born, and it has become something that is more than your typical radio show. It has become something that Brandon truly believes, can help consumers live better lives. Because that is what the official slogan of The Real Estate Quarterback Show, and our sister show created just this year, The Consumer Quarterback Show is: “helping consumers win in any marketplace.” We feel a strong moral obligation to give back!

Let’s face it; the world isn’t a fair place. It isn’t the same place that we enjoyed in our youth, whether that is in elementary, middle or high school. It’s a place where there’s constant competition. It’s cut throat and full of dishonesty, and it’s a place that can leave many people feeling like they want to give up because they aren’t given a fair chance to compete or just can’t keep up. That’s where Brandon believes, that he and his expert team of 80+ contributors between The Consumer and The Real Estate Quarterback Show can step up to help these consumers level the playing field in whichever category they might be in need of help with.

The premise of The Real Estate Quarterback Show when it was founded in 2013 was a little bit different than the name suggested. When I first joined on as an intern in the fall of 2014, I wasn’t quite sure what exactly the show entailed. I noticed the “Real Estate” portion of it first, so I assumed that it had somewhat to do with the economy, stock and housing markets and general finance. I however, thought that the show would also include sports, as “Quarterback” is included in the title as well. I ended up being correct on the first half of the title, but not so much the second. So why is the phrase “Quarterback” included in the title? Because the Quarterback is the leader! He calls the audible when necessary, sets the tone and plays with swagger and above all else, he expects to win! But let me take you on a trip back in time to a small, South Florida town called LaBelle.

Football has always, and forever will hold a special place in Brandon Rimes’ heart. As a child, his father coached his Pop Warner football team, that was the runner up in the first ever Pop Warner Super Bowl in 1987 when Brandon was 9 years old. Brandon played Quarterback on this team, and would continue to play Quarterback all the way until joining the inaugural University of South Florida Bulls football team in 1996.

As Brandon progressed through elementary school, middle school and high school two things became clear: He was an extremely talented dual-threat quarterback and he was an undersized dual-threat quarterback who was built more like a running back, and very quick! In football, much fuss goes into the size of the quarterback, as he is considered the leader of his team and there isn’t a more American sport position that children dream of one day playing.

Despite his size, Brandon wasn’t one to ever let anyone talk down to him, insult, taunt or intimidate him. It became a testament to his fighting tenacity and determination to win no matter what obstacles where thrown in his direction. Once he attended LaBelle High School, his team made one of the greatest ever state playoff runs in Florida high school history. His small “country” town of LaBelle found themselves paired up against some of the best high schools in the state. Brandon was matched up against players such as future NFL hall of fame Running Back Edgerrin James and 2015 NFL Walter Peyton Man of The Year Award winner and 3x Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin. Along the way, they beat teams such as Sahokee, Belle Glade, Imakolee and Tampa Catholic

While leading his team on the offensive side of the ball, Brandon also played defensively, making game saving tackles during his teams incredible playoff run in their 1996 Cinderella season, but ultimately fell short in the state championship game and weren’t able to complete what Brandon considers one of the greatest feats of his lifetime. Despite not winning the championship game, Brandon was named the Athlete of the Decade by the Fort Myers Press for the 1990’s in a series called “Lost Legends of the Past”.

After getting into real estate and helping consumers achieve better results in selling and the purchasing of homes and being named to Florida Realtor Magazine twice becomes of his innovation with online marketing and SEO optimization, Brandon decided it was time to create the shows and give back the knowledge gained as a meeting broker and studying Tony Robbins “Business Mastery” course in Namale, Fiji, the 10 day event that Brandon traveled half way around the world just to attend!

The Real Estate Quarterback Show covered a number of fields of different financial areas such as finance, estate and tax planning, credit repair, bankruptcy, mortgage lending, small business loan and home remodeling, inspection and repair. We also found ourselves with seven different types of attorneys including estate planning, family law, bankruptcy, criminal defense, immigration, IP, patent law and employment law.

The focus of getting all these what we refer to as expert contributors to our show gave us the opportunity to succeed in two ways, the first being to help the consumer. Finance is a scary thing. It can be tricky, confusing and tedious if not understood properly. Brandon gauged and recruited who he considered the most efficient professionals in their respective fields to join the show in the hope that they would be able to provide services to these types of families who may need help, but may not know what exactly they should do or often times, not know what kind of questions to ask.
Most partners of The Real Estate Quarterback Show pride themselves on paying it forward, educating, and enlightening consumers with their advice and tips on things to do and things to avoid when it comes to certain issues that may arise. When they come on air, they make this very clear. One of our lawyers said something that stuck with us long after the show was over, “If I wanted to pay my mortgage just off my consultations I could and I would be able to easily. But that’s not what I want. I want to be able to sit down with a family going through an emotional time in their life in which they haven’t been in before and in which they don’t know what to do. They need help but I want to make sure that I am the right person for their case.

I want to put them in the best position to come out ahead, so if that means referring them to another partner of mine who could serve them best, even though I would be losing money, I would in a heartbeat. Why you might ask? Because it’s the right thing to do.”

Our expert contributors regularly have free offers that they promote on air, which they encourage consumers to take advantage of. Our most popular offer is our credit package. Where William Crowley aka “The Credit Magician” our credit repair expert will sit down with a consumer and go through all their credit information. He will help show them ways in which they can fix damaged credit, how they can opt out of pre-screenings and how to avoid identity theft, which is becoming more and more rampant around the United States.

Our team also offers free financial reviews for any tax, estate or retirement planning, and we also are able to give the consumers a second opinion if needed. We can then set up the consumers with our expert team, so an expert in that field needs can individually meet whichever one of their specific.

That’s what we believe behind everything that we do at The Real Estate Quarterback Show; you do something because it’s the right thing to do. Brandon paired up with former Tampa Bay Buccaneer and 2004 NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year Award Winner Warrick Dunn and his foundation, Warrick Dunn Charities, which helps get single parents into home ownership by assisting with down payment assistance and they work closely with Habitat for Humanity. To date, Warrick Dunn Charities has given away over 147 single parent homes, and continues to do this incredible action every single year.

We have also partnered with the Children’s Cancer Center to help them with to raise money for different events such as their annual gelatin plunge and their Wine, Women and Shoes event, in which Brandon was named the Emcee of in November of 2015. Being a devout Christian, Brandon has always put others first anyway that he can and urges not only the entire team at The Real Estate and Consumer Quarterback Show to, but all of his listeners every show, always ending the show with the line “please consider making a random act of kindness”.
Our newly formed sister show The Consumer Quarterback Show was created in 2016 after Brandon’s involvement with the Children’s Cancer Center, as after spending countless hours with the different children diagnosed with cancer, Brandon looked to his 10-year-old daughter Braelynn and realized he himself needed to appreciate the good health that they have been blessed with, and he wanted to help spread this to others.

The Consumer Quarterback Show focuses health and recreation related lifestyles, including vegan and organic chefs preparing healthy meals so that he wouldn’t have to stop at a fast food restaurant while he was out driving between different listing appointments everyday. Michael Vogt of Back in Health Massage Brandon sought out to help him keep his body in fighting shape and to help insure that none of his previous football injuries would come back to effect him later in life.

It’s been 3 years since Brandon has started this journey that he knew one day would become the vision that he had when he created it, and as each day goes forward, Brandon becomes one step closer to achieving that goal. Because that’s what Brandon believes God has sent him to do, to help others in anyway that he can.