You’ve heard of standing desks, but could you imagine being able to do work while lying down? California company Altwork has revealed a new workstation which allows user to maneuver the desk, chair, and computer screen to adjust to their ideal work position. Designed for “high-intensity” computer users, The Altwork Station offers four modes which can be altered with the click of a button. The tabletop is fastened with magnets to keep the keyboard and mouse in place when in a lying or reclining position. The design features four modes: standing, collaboration, regular and focus. Collaboration mode allows the screen to turn toward an audience, while focus allows the chair to recline, granting users and easy way to concentrate on a task. The model costs $5,900 but Altwork is offering a discounted price of $3,900 for its first round of sales. With this desk, we don’t think we’d mind bringing work home with us.