Today, Ascot Racecourse unveiled a new festive ‘foursie’ – a seasonal onesie that was created for Shetland pony, Daffy, to help him keep warm this Christmas.

Source: Foursie: New Festive Onesie For Ponies To Keep Them Warm

Surely you’ve heard of onesies, snuggies, etc., but have you ever needed a way to keep your four-legged friends cozy during the holiday season as well? Well thanks to Ascot Racecourse, the newly designed “foursie” allows for complete coverage for our animal pals, including the Shetland pony, Daffy, that keeps them warm during the cold winter nights. Owner Jacki Rowberry says since Daffy likes to spend so much time outside of his stall during the winter, she struggled to find ways to keep him warm. Ascot’s new design provides cozy coverage with four sleeves for the adorable pony while allowing him to sport a festive fashion statement fitting for this time of year