Awareness, Control and Neurofeedback

                Some people need to work nights and weekends to get their work done, while others seem to get everything accomplished (and then some!) in less than the allotted 40 hour work week. So what’s the secret to working more efficiently? While they don’t have super productivity powers, they have mastered a few simple habits to help them achieve more in the day and complete their daily to-do lists on the day that they intend to finish them! They know their work styles. Some people are morning birds while others know that they will have energy at another time and focus their work efforts around that part of day. They also have a great perception of how long a task will take. Plus, they know it’s better to pad those times with a few extra minutes than to suddenly find themselves behind schedule. So here’s to coming in at 8 and leaving at 4 because life is too short to be spent working! Check out this story