By Marci Wise


We live in a world of majesty and mystery, surrounded by wonders that have yet to be explained. The Great Pyramid of Giza has captured the imagination of people for centuries – and Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan has made uncovering its secrets his life mission. A renowned scientist, inventor and philanthropist, Flanagan is the author of the bestselling book Pyramid Power which took the world by storm in 1973, setting off a flurry of interest and experimentation. In the four decades since, scientific advancements, improved technology and a newfound fascination in quantum physics have brought about a resurgence of interest in Flanagan’s work based on the great traditions of India and Egypt. He believes that the pyramid acts as a powerful antenna or amplifier for life force energy. “It is free energy that can be used to change and improve your life,” said Flanagan.

A Power Unharnessed


  While the mainstream scientific community has yet to fully embrace these ideas, the intriguing results of nearly half a century of experimentation with the energies of pyramids continue to fascinate and call for deeper analysis. “Using Kirlian photography, GSR, voltage differential, and electrostatic fields, I was able to measure the differences of various pyramids and their effects on living organisms such as plants and people,” stated Flanagan in Pyramid Power. By placing items under a pyramid, the following results have indeed been observed and well-documented:

An increase in the growth rate of plants
A slowing of the aging process of fruits and vegetables
The ability to sharpen razor blades
The preservation of raw meat through dehydration
A decreased growth rate of bacteria


          Part of the power of the pyramids appears to come from the ability to alter the hydrogen bond of water and create a dehydrating effect. Human subjects involved in pyramid experimentation have indicated other favorable effects, such as improved health, a balanced state of mind and spiritual harmony.

          While these discoveries are still in their early stages, the results are based on the ancient art of sacred geometry. In order for the pyramid to be effective it must be crafted with precision to the correct angles, be made of the appropriate materials, and finally, aligned to the true cardinal points of north and south.

          If Flanagan’s theories continue to be proven correct, then discovering and implementing each of these steps may just be tantamount to piecing together a puzzle of the Universe. In fact, most of Flanagan’s inventions have been at least 40 years ahead of their time. Privy to a unique connection to inspiration which he describes as a “download,” Flanagan finds the process thrilling. “To follow up on my ideas and see them turn into an amazing reality is very gratifying,” he said.

Sacred Geometry meets High-tech Hollywood


          In order to take pyramid power to the next level, Flanagan joined forces with artist and inventor Nick Edwards. Edwards, who has long been respected in Hollywood circles for his special effects work in movies like Star Wars and Blade Runner, set about crafting personal pyramids at the exact mathematical models of the Great Pyramid, incorporating the sacred geometry of pi and phi. Using the most advanced alloys, he finishes off the design with customary Hollywood flair – charging each pyramid with a one million volt Tesla Coil to increase its energy output. “The pyramid is a dynamo for positive energy, nothing negative can exist around it,” said Edwards.

Personal Pyramids

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           Both Flanagan and Edwards welcome scrutiny of their products by including instructions for experiments that can be done at home with your own personal pyramid. Since the pyramids propose to alter the molecular structure of matter into a higher order of existence, each individual can choose how to best use these properties to their own benefit.

          Nubian pyramids utilizing the Fibonacci ratio have become quite popular. Russian researchers have been experimenting with these pyramids for years in order to achieve faster healing, increased food nutrition, bigger crop yields and accelerated learning in schools.

          The Pyramid “Mother Ship” Sleep System, often used by celebrities and professional athletes, is the largest base pyramid available. Very light in weight, the unit can easily be hung over a bed or chair. Benefits of sleeping under a pyramid are reported to be:

More restful sleep
Lower blood pressure
Slowing of the aging process
Improved creativity
Lucid dreaming

          While the advancements of the last hundred years have been impressive, perhaps the greatest knowledge has been awaiting us for centuries. “The ancient palaces and pyramids all over the earth have been built with sacred geometry, and if you duplicate the shape, it creates an energy that has rejuvenating results on living cells and a preservation effect on non-living cells,” said Edwards. “Our intent is to change the energy of the Earth to make it a better place using these powerful ancient secrets.”

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