Brand journalism helps you connect with your audience through storytelling. Take a look at these 4 brands to get inspired to create a brand journalism program.

Source: 4 Brands Running Successful Brand Journalism Programs | Cision

What are they keys to a successful brand journalism program? Well, why don’t we take a look at some of experts who have mastered the art of the brand story. McDonald’s for instance, has been around so long that they’ve built a loyal following, but their popularity is also due to their expert tactics in
combating public doubt in their brand and turning the odds in their favor. When public doubt started circling about the ingredients in their soda, McDonalds fought back with an investigation and data which they presented to the public themselves. Starbucks gave their audience a look “behind the scenes” to show the employees who may not always be at the forefront of their company’s brand. By showing how Starbucks values its employees, the company garnered widespread trust in the brand and the company saw a rise in their sales. See two other expert brand journalists here: