To get ahead in your career, there are certain behaviors and tendencies you really ought to ditch. Spoiler alert: Getting away from your duties and having fun are not among them.


As a young professional moving up in the PR world, you’ll get a lot of advice from media veterans, mostly about what you should do in order to prove yourself. But what about some bad habits you have already acquired that could hinder you from moving any farther up the ladder? In her article “10 Things Young PR Pros Must Stop Doing” Julia Sahin highlights 10 things that you may already be doing, perhaps even subconsciously. For instance, not making mistakes. How can you learn any better than by doing it wrong the first time? Don’t be afraid of these mishaps -they happen and can make you even more vigilant about not making the same mistake in the future. Or playing it safe. If you’re not willing to take risks you may not be the one who stands out come promotion time. See all 10 things here: