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Today in 1912, New Mexico became the 47th state to join this great union. The 5th largest state, New Mexico is the 6th least dense state and the 36th most populated state. In fact, there are more cattle and sheep than there are people! Almost 60% of the state is covered in ranches and farms. Despite this, NM is
home to 7 national forests, including the nation’s largest, Gila National Forest, at 3.3 million acres. If you ever plan a trip out to this beauty state, may we recommend going out in October? In addition to the milder weather during that time of year, every October, Albuquerque hosts the world’s biggest international hot air balloon fiesta! Witness hundreds upon hundreds of balloon decorate the desert sky. 2016 will mark the 45th year of this magical event, so mark your calendars–we sure did!

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