Speeding through your presentation confuses listeners and ensures they won’t get anything out of your talk. Use these tips to slow down your speaking speed.   -Source: www.ragan.com


How many times have you practiced a speech, had it run about 15 minutes, and then when the day of the presentation rolls around you barrel through it in under 10 minutes? Don’t worry, we feel your pain. Thankfully there’s some tips you can apply in the new year that will slow down your speech. Most importantly (we think, anyway), don’t let your nerves get the better of you. Speeding through might get you to the end faster, but it doesn’t help your audience in the slightest, never mind how it makes you look. While it may sound silly, you should also plan pauses in your sentences. To you, the 3 beat silence in between may seem like eternity, but trust us – your audience won’t notice and it will give them a chance to catch up. If you’re looking for further ways to pace yourself, invest in a metronome. Start off with your current speaking speed and slowly dial it back. With a little practice you’ll be a speech-giving pro in no time!