When you envision a tiny house, you may picture it on a hilltop or surrounded by trees and greenery. However one company, Elevate, is changing the way we view these structures, particularly where they are set. Instead of placing them in the woods or on plots of land, the company is using more urban areas to employ these small, economical housing units: parking lots. With parking lots reaching the billions in the United States, the company’s mission is to incorporate the underutilized space among the pavement into livable environments in areas where affordable housing is hard to come by. The sustainable units are also built to maximize energy efficiency and space. Propped up on trunks to leave room for cars, using water funnels to reduce stormwater runoff, and applying solar panels to power the home, these innovative designs can solve problems that many homeowners today struggle with. “There are massive, oceans of concrete. In some cities, I think a third of the area is parking lots,” said Nathan Toothman, Elevate co-founder. “We’re trying to bring more usage into that area.”

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Putting affordable, sustainable housing in the one place in crowded cities where there is lots of available space.

Source: What If We Filled Our Parking Lots With These Tiny, Tree-Like Houses?