Someone get some sunscreen for this giraffe! A 15-month-old giraffe suffering from leucism (a condition that causes partial pigmentation loss) was spotted in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park. Named Omo, the giraffe appears to be perfectly healthy, and none of her giraffe friends and family seem to notice anything different about her. Instead of the usual tan and brown coloring, Omo is sporting a more white and greige complexion, with orangey stocking markings and a stunning red mane. There is unfortunately the concern that poachers will be targeting Omo due to her unique coloring, but the folks at the Wild Nature Institute are already working on ways to prevent that.

This stunning giraffe has not been photoshopped, she’s real! Omo, the 15-month-old beauty whose skin looks as if it was bleached, is suffering from leucism. It’s a condition that results in a partial loss of pigmentation.

Source: Rare White Giraffe Spotted In Tanzania