Both Kat and Greg are veterans and both were injured in combat and have been publically representing vets rights  February 30, 2014 (Odessa, FL) –Old McMicky’s Farm (OMF) gives away a second free all-inclusive “Mission I Do” wedding to local wounded vets. OMF launched “Mission I Do” in April 2014. The first free “Mission I Do” wedding was given away by the farm this past November 2014. The dream wedding giveaway includes everything; the wedding dress, wedding rings, reception location and catering, the wedding cake, entertainment, the officient and more. OMF is a lake front venue that is elegant, rustic and will play host to the lucky couple and their 100 guests on February 6, 2015. OMF and several local businesses teamed up in an effort to give back to the community and to gain awareness for wounded soldiers. After careful consideration, Kathleen Evans and Gregory Edwards were selected to receive the generous prize package.

Kat was serving in the Air Force attached to a (JSOC) Joint Special Operations Command unit in Iraq. In the fall of 2006 her convoy was attacked and the vehicle in front of hers was hit with an RPG. She was unconscious for only a few seconds and when she awoke the unit was still receiving live fire. At the time she did not realize that she suffered a brain injury but as time progressed her symptoms became more noticeable. Due to this incident she suffers form constant migraines, memory loss, and has have been working on her speech since 2006. She has TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), combat PTSD, and Military Sexual Trauma. (The MST occurred prior to my deployment in 2004 by another airmen.)

Greg was an Army combat medic who also suffers from combat PTSD and has a knee and hearing injuries. Gregory has been deployed to Kosovo and was in one of the first units to deploy to Iraq. As a combat medic he had to deal with many horrible things.

Kathleen has been a strong women’s veteran advocate and recently was included in a documentary, Women in War that aims to bring awareness to the stigma of PSTD and veteran suicide. To learn more about the documentary visit, In addition, as Alumni of Wounded Warrior Project, Kathleen and Greg participate in the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride in Washington where they race with others who have been injured from combat experience. In 2013 they had the opportunity to meet President Obama during the event and were scheduled to have dinner with him. Unfortunately, it was the day of the tragic Boston Marathon bombing and were unable to dine with the President.

The couple met while receiving rehabilitation treatment for their injuries at the VA hospital in West Virginia. And both recently moved to Tampa Bay area from out of state to receive treatment at Bay Pines. On Kathleen’s birthday, August 30, 2012, Greg proposed. Old McMicky’s Farm and their vendor partners are thrilled to provide veterans with a dream wedding but Kats Mission I Do submission may sate it best.

“If we were to be chosen for the 2014 Mission I Do it would mean so much; it would show us that people actually care, and that our injuries were not in vain. We both were proud to serve our country and we do not believe that our country owes us for anything but this opportunity would at least lift our spirits and give us hope.”

  Media may make arrangements to interview the couple on Thursday at 3:00pm at the Farm February 5th, or be present for the lakefront wedding ceremony at 3:15 Friday, February 6th with interviews available after the wedding ceremony: Date: February 6, 2015Time: 3:15pmLocation: Old McMicky’s Farm, 9612 Crescent Drive Odessa, FL 33526   About Old McMicky’s Farm:
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OMF is dedicated to giving back to the community in many ways In addition to “Mission I Do”, The Farm’s “1000 Kids” Program’s goal is to host 1,000 kids a year in the Tampa Bay area who are facing challenges for an awesome, educational and fun day at the Farm, at No Charge. The Farm hosted was honored to host 1276 kids in 2014 under the “1000 Kids” program in its introductory year. As of January 2015, the farm already has 480 kids reserved to come out for free under the program.

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