Sara McDonald


           Ken Amante is an amazing little boy with a big heart. He could be out ignoring responsibilities like a normal child, but instead Ken spends his time caring for stray animals, a dream he has had for most of his life. He even used to make posters in pursuit of this dream, with crayon scribbles chanting “Save the animals! Save the animals!” Now he has had the opportunity to make that dream a reality.

            Ken opened a no-kill shelter (for the same stray animals that inspired his posters) in his community in the Philippines. At first Ken would spend time just showing the animals love, and providing food when he had it to offer to them, but when a photograph went viral online of Ken feeding three local stray dogs, whom he named, Blackie, Brownie, and White puppy, he was able to collect enough generous donations from caring animal supporters around the world to open his non-profit, no-kill shelter which he named the “Happy Animals Club.”

            At first Ken and his father turned their garage into a small shelter for the animals, the first three tenants? Well of course they were his friends Blackie, Brownie, and White puppy, whom he was delighted to see gain healthy weight as they no longer suffered from malnourishment, and they started growing thicker and healthier fur, but they also were no longer scared of people.     Now the Happy Animals Club has been able to move into a building due to their funding which allowed them to finally sign a lease, for a 1,000 square meter lot for one year at the cost of 66,000 pesos (roughly $1,500) so they could give the club a proper home. The dogs don’t even have to live in cages, unless there is a very good reason, or the animal is ill. Ken’s aim is to make sure the Happy Animals Club keeps his furry friends just that—happy. Their outreach has gotten further than stray dogs. They now also have a space specifically for cats.

            Not only has Ken supplied the animals with food and shelter he now finds his furry friends forever homes. Starting of course with Blackie, Brownie, and White puppy that helped make his dream come true, with their photo. The “Happy Animals Club” has a mission which according to their site is “to rescue animals in need, to provide them with the highest standards of care, and to find good homes for them.”

            These days the Happy Animals Club has also turned their focus on rescuing animals who would be put down in kill shelters and who are stuck unhappily, in local pounds. Ken wants to save every animal that he is able to, especially those that are up to being killed for no reason.

            The Happy Animals Club has big dreams as a non-profit organization in the Philippines. Although his dreams have started to be well on their way to becoming true, Ken is still reaching for higher for his friends and companions. He wants to develop the shelter into more, hold seminars at schools, and develop a fostering system for the dogs and cats. He has a long way to go, and the generosity of the people is the only way he can reach these goals.