The beloved gorilla, Koko, famous for her ability to sign and understand American Sign Language, received a gift she has long awaited this past week for her 44th birthday this year. Koko’s keepers at the Gorilla Foundation in Redwood City, California presented her with a box of kittens, two of which she was told she could keep as pets. The photos show Koko’s excitement as she plays gently with the kittens, and even signs for her trainers to place them on her head. Koko received her first kitten “All Ball” way back in 1984 after being displeased with simply a toy cat to play with. When All Ball died later that year, Koko sadly signed the words “sleep cat” mourning her loss. Koko’s trainer Francine Patterson says that Koko can understand 2,000 English words and uses more than 1,000 “Gorilla Sign Language” signs including “cat” and “baby” to communicate with her trainers. Watch Koko gleefully play with her new babies here!

Source: Koko The Gorilla Adopts 2 Baby Kittens After Being Unable To Have Her Own Kids