It’s never too late to go scoping for love online. Patrick, the oldest wombat in captivity, is living proof of that. Celebrating his 30th birthday this year, Patrick decided since he had reached this milestone (outliving any other wombat held in captivity by 10 years) he would finally try his hand at seeking a mate through the World Wide Web. After a tough stint finding love over his 30 years, with the help of his handlers at the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Australia, Pat finally signed up for a Tinder profile in hopes to meet a partner with whom he can live out the rest of his cute, cuddly years. Typically male wombats must be aggressive toward females when mating season comes around, however Pat is not your typical wombat. “He’s just isn’t a very aggressive wombat,” said park owner Julia Leonard. “So he choose to be single.” Lucky for Pat, ladies love sensitivity.