Josh Urban

A musician, songwriter, and conversation enthusiast.
He recently completed The Search for Good Tour, an interactive experience
to find the people, sights, and sounds that rock the world. Josh traveled by rail to hospitals, street corners, veteran’s homes, cancer wards, and subways, playing music in places that didn’t usually have it, searching for the everyday heroes and examining the existence and creation of Good in the world.
He’s been writing about the stories and lessons from the rails on Positive Impact Magazine in a guest blog series, having great fun sharing the journey.
The passage of time and portraits of the ordinary are two permanent residents in his thoughts and creative inspiration, and he firmly believes that all the world’s a stage. He also enjoys green olives, should probably drink less caffeine, has become obsessed with collecting vinyl records, and sometimes talks like Ted Baxter from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. He leaves the judgement of that particular merit up to you.
Josh just released a new album of his music, called Onward, available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and all the other major outlets, with several tracks available for free download on his website,
Connect on Twitter @dontjoshme,, and