Discover the Language of Life 

New Documentary Feature Film Makes its Theatrical Debut Friday, March 20 in NYC, Featuring Q&A with Filmmaker Jirka Rysavy 


A fascinating inquiry into the precious liquid that comprises most of our planet—and our bodies is documented in the feature film —SECRET of WATER: Discover the Language of Life —   Directed by Jirka Rysavy and Saida Medvedeva, the film debuts in New York City at the Quad Cinema on March 20th, with select regional engagements to follow.  Opening night will feature a Q&A will filmmaker Jirka Rysavy .

Though water comprises more than 70 percent of the human body and the surface of our planet, few of us give much thought to how we treat it, and how it is affected by a surprisingly broad range of environmental factors.  SECRET OF WATER invites us to consider the often extraordinary relationship between water and ourselves, and illustrates the surprising ways in which water responds to such intangible phenomena as thought and emotion.

Drawing upon a broad range of interviews with scientists, thinkers and researchers,  including  Lynne McTaggart, Larry DosseyMD, Nassim Haramein, Dr. Masuru Emoto , Konstantin Korotakov and more.

SECRET OF WATER expresses a point of view that is at impacts us on a global and mol-ecular level.  Among the many wondrous things its demonstrates is how positive words or harmonious music have a beneficial influence on water molecules while negative thoughts, emotions, harsh music, or even cell phones, have the opposite effect, transforming water molecules into smudged, distorted, formless shapes.

Portraying water as a complex, living entity, it reveals a series of wondrous facts, ideas, and hypotheses, including the somewhat astonishing concept that water has the ability to “remember” anything with which it comes into contact.  Ultimately is reveals how the most common yet precious substance must be protected and revered as it impacts our personal and planetary wellness as a whole and unifies us all.

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