The majority of food heists are carefully planned and remain unsolved

Source: A Truck Containing 40,000 Pounds of Burger Meat Has Disappeared

Who stole the ground beef and the semi-truck? Well, that’s not exactly how it goes on “Barney,” but this incident is stranger than fiction. 20 tons, that’s 40,000 pounds, of burger meat and the truck hauling it went missing somewhere between Loganton, Pennsylvania, where it picked up the mass quantities of protein, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, its intended destination. The investigation has discovered that the trailer was fraudulent and the driver had used a fake ID when making the pick-up. Alas, it appears this mystery remain unsolved and the 160,000 patties that could have been made from the meat will never be formed. Obviously the biggest question is who could have done it, but we’re just left wondering who has enough space to store all of it? And just what are they cooking? Sounds like someone is after the world record for the largest meatball. Keep an eye out, Guinness World Records!