Positive Impact Magazine’s Best Gun Safe

Guns can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Therefore, gun safety should be the number one priority. Keeping your gun prevents possible theft and harm from misuse by kids. In addition, guns are quite expensive and an easy target for thieves. A solid, well made and robust gun safe is must have for gun owners. In today’s lifestyle, most people have guns for safety, hunting, and freedom. Before stepping into the market to purchase a suitable gun safe, you should consider:

  • Safe capacity
  • The size and weight
  • Wight
  • Safe locks
  • Steel gauge and fire ratings
  • Safe accessibility

With these features in mind, you can now purchase a suitable gun safe for your gun. However, researching for an ideal gun safe is an onerous task. I have scoured the web and pared down some of the best guns for you.

Here are the five best gun safes.

Liberty Fatboy – is a great option for firearms storage. This gun safe is designed to hold up to 64 guns. While it can be pricey, this gun safe has a high level of customization. You can decide to use a digital combination lock or use the mechanical one. It also has a smart vault that provides topnotch protection for your valuables through a monitoring system the sends you to alert if there is a change in state of your safe. It has extra pistol storage.

Gunbox 2.0 smart gun safe – This gun safe is designed to be stored anywhere in the house. It is designed uniquely to use RFID keycard or key fobs to unlock. It can only respond to RFID signals hence one of the safest guns safes today. Similarly, it can also be opened using fingerprints and Bluetooth through a Gunbox Smartphone app. Gunbox 2.0 safe also uses quick and smooth hydraulic opening thus providing quick access when needs arise. In addition to a rechargeable lithium battery, the unit sends sensor alarms if moved.

Barska Biometric Safe – Fingerprints are one of the topnotch securities used today. It is not a surprise that a trusted gun safe brand like BARSKA is using this method. You can, therefore, store your valuable together with your gun. The best part is that this gun safe can store more than 30 fingerprints. The safe space is just enough to store a gun under multitudes of items. If you do not have a shelf or closet suitable for this safe, this gun safe comes with the hardware necessary for mounting it is a safe location.

GunVault SV500 – It is an accessible and discrete firearm handgun solution. The down drawer safe can be stored under a table or desk for emergency cases. It is designed with an interior light to enable users to see in a low light situation. In addition, it is made of 18 gauge steel for perfect defense. It uses a biometric, key or a combination of both.

Paragon Lock and safe – This gun safe is made effective and solid in gun safety. It has hidden hinges for top-notch security. Heavy steel construction makes it hard to drill the safe. Built with 18 gauge powder, it also houses a simple interior with a small lockbox that can hold ammunition, pistol and treasured personal belongings. To top it up it has two solid locking bolts and two sets of key locks.


Purchasing a solid gun safe is as important as buying the gun. Without a well-designed gun safe, you put your household in a more dangerous situation. Check here http://www.minutemanreview.com/best-gun-safes/ and the above gun safe and go for one that suits you

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