By Sara McDonald

Since she was a young child, Eva Charlotte has always had a deep longing and to live authentically. She believes everyone carries the same longing and desire (they just sometimes get a little lost), and she has spent her life trying to help others reach their core. She is currently doing so by leading the Waterbearers in their quest of supplying clean water to 1 million people in third-world countries by using an inexpensive, lightweight, easy –to- use filter. Their goal is to accomplish this by world water day on March 22nd, but they certainly do not intend to stop there.

PIM : Tell me a little bit about yourself and how your passion developed for clean water.

Eva Charlotte: For as long as I can remember I had this longing for something else, without essentially knowing what this something else is. The world wasn’t satisfying me. Then I had a sky diving accident at 30. It’s a long story but the short version is I had to pull my reserve and it broke. As I’m falling to my death—literally—I’m absolutely terrified, and then something shifts. The way I can describe it now is I surrendered, my mind, my being, realizing that there was nothing I could do here, so I gave up with all the trying. Absolute acceptance of the moment, which included my fast approaching death, and I was fine, I was at peace. I experienced that as an adult at 30 and falling through the sky, so my life became about finding that place of being again, because I knew it was possible to live in this world, being at peace with whatever is going on in my life. But that is my life goal, or passion, whatever you want to call it, is to tap into that way of life within me and then share it with others, help others find that place.

PIM: And how did this help develop your passion for clean water?

Eva Charlotte: It’s not necessarily that it is water itself. It’s anything that makes this world work for its inhabitants 100% of the time. We have all the resources for everyone to be okay. Our bodies consist of 70% water, and I think we all could agree that we want that to be clean water.

PIM: Can you elaborate on how you developed your amazing message of “Rise with Love”?

Eva Charlotte: That’s a little bit from what I shared with my skydiving accident. It was so clear to me that I am not my body, and I am not my thoughts, and I am not my emotions. There is this other energy force, or power, or life itself, or call it love which I chose to do. That is what we all truly are. When I stop needing to control my life, I rise in my vibrations again, I feel my body relaxing, my thoughts slow down, my emotions become lighter and happier. Solution and opportunities come my way, it’s magical.

PIM: You’ve led an adventurous life, from a near death experience, living for a time in Peru, and battling Lyme disease, what was that like? How did these experiences influence your interest in providing clean water for 3rd world countries?

Eva Charlotte: I ended up having neurological Lyme disease, so it attacks the nervous system and my personality really changed. There is no cure. I try to see everything that comes my way as an opportunity. So it really meant that I went deep, deep, deep into the core of my being to face everything that I’m dealing with. With water, the deeper I go into myself the more passionate I am about anything that helps the world be a better place for all of us. This is so simple. Right now I’m talking with you, and I’m having a cup of coffee, I paid $6.50. 8 of these [coffees] would pay for a filter that would give 100 people clean water for 10 years.

PIM: Water is something that is taken for granted in our country, what is it like in these third world countries where water is scarce, and clean water is a luxury?

Eva Charlotte: I lived with the Shaman in the Amazonian jungle, and they drink directly from the river, and of course they have swollen abdomens because of all the parasites. They aren’t lacking water, where many other parts of the world are actually lacking water, but they don’t have clean water. Westerner’s instantly get sick. When I lived there, I had to ship water from the closest city [which was] five hours away. The next time I went [to the Amazon] I brought one of these filters with me. I would go to the river and wash myself in the morning. That’s where I did my laundry, and that’s where they pick up water to drink. In the same exact spot they do all of those things. This time I had my filter with me, and I used that to filter the same water they drank, and I never had any issues.

PIM: Can you elaborate on what the Waterbearers are and what they are trying to accomplish and by when? What is the importance of the deadline that was chosen?

Eva Charlotte: We chose world water day as a symbol so to say. It doesn’t mean it necessarily ends there. The goal is to raise enough filters to provide 1 million with clean water for at least a decade by world water day. Its [Waterbearers is] 100 women who have access to clean water, coming together to bring water to women who do not. In indigenous traditions it’s the women who are responsible to making sure the tribe has water. Women will walk for hours to the watering hole, to bring water back.

PIM: What is special about this specific filter and why was this filter chosen to provide clean water for these countries?

Eva Charlotte: Well as far as we know it’s one of the only filters that get [rid of] most of the bacteria and viruses. It is also a filter that you never need to replace, if you maintain it, if you do what needs to be done to keep it clean, they guarantee that it will last a decade it could last 2 decades or even a lifetime, but you need to maintain it.

PIM: Have these filters been used anywhere else? How long do they last on average? What does this mean for your clean water movement? Small, lightweight, cheap.

Eva Charlotte: All over the world’s 70 countries. The organization is bringing them to wherever they are needed the most, all over the world. I think it has the potential to really make a difference, because it is so simple to use. It’s small, lightweight, and cheap. If you want to help the community, you buy one of those, and a bucket and that’s it. You can provide water for a 100 people. I was shocked when I realized that 50% of the hospital beds in the world are filled with people with water related diseases. Imagine how much money that costs? Again we come back to 10 cups of coffee can make a difference for 100 people. It’s lightweight, it’s cheap, and it lasts at least a decade, possibly forever.

PIM: It is exciting to see a woman taking charge of a project so important, especially with the goal of bringing together the organization’s 3 pillars: Women, water, and wisdom, can you elaborate on how those pillars were chosen, and why women were chosen to take the lead with this project?

Eva Charlotte: We have lived in a patriarchal society for a long, long time now. There is a need for a more balanced way of life, where the feminine aspect way of life is also honored. Water is a very strong feminine symbol; it’s the idea of matriarchal stepping in and being an equal to the patriarchal. It’s about finding a balance, where we are equally strong, supporting each other. It’s a natural thing. Like the ying yang symbol, both aspects. It’s not a feministic movement; it’s just honoring that aspect of life.

PIM: How can people help get involved with the Waterbearers program?

Eva Charlotte: There’s different ways. The easiest and fastest way is to support by donating funds. $50.00 buys one filter. Or make it $500.00 and help 1000 people or whatever amount. Or $5.00 makes a difference, everything makes a difference. The other way would be to become a team leader. There a few spots left to become one of the 100 women who join together to make this happen. Someone can also become a sponsor spreading the word, inspiring friends and community to support this project.

PIM: How do you believe this will positively impact those who donate, get involved, and those who

will receive the gift of clean water?

Eva Charlotte: Well for those who get the gift of clean water, it’s kind of obvious. For some of them it’s life or death, literally. I went to Ecuador and delivered some of these filters to tribes in the Amazon, and in the Andes and just to see their excitement and gratitude and the shine in their eyes at the possibility of giving their children non contaminated water is enough. The gratitude is amazing, and for them it makes a big difference. For the people who donate, it’s just natural responsibility, is how I feel. It doesn’t mean that anyone else has to do anything. Everything I do, you do, to raise the vibrations of the planet, will shift the planet, and donating $50.00 to give a filter, is doing that. It may seem like a drop of water—and it is—but one drop at a time will change everything.

About Eva Charlotte



From a very early age Eva Charlotte perceived life differently than those around her. Gifted with intuitive abilities and functioning as a conduit for transformative energies, people would seek her out to talk, be supported in challenging situations and create better circumstances for themselves. Personally, she always felt a longing for a deep personal freedom.

Regardless of her gifts, Eva Charlotte pursued a regular life and soon had a successful career as a computer consultant, actively involved in a variety of organizations, traveled the world and had a rewarding personal life. Despite of all the success, she wasn’t happy. Yearning to live her life more deeply and fully she elected to go skydiving.

Eva made more than 100 jumps before the inconceivable happened; at 4,000 feet her emergency chute failed. At that moment, surrendering all desire of control, the terror of her impending death gave way to something else…

“In a moment of intense clarity, I experienced myself as Life itself, as infinite love, faith, and wisdom, “I was completely at peace with everything, including the death of my physical body, which was fast-approaching. I knew that I am that which I had been searching for. I understood that I am the creator of my own life experience, not the victim of it – and in that moment, I made a choice with all of my power to live my life fully – to be happy, healthy, and truly alive.”

Miraculously, Eva survived. Soon thereafter, everything began to change for her. She left the business world and began an intense self-inquiry, wanting to return to the place of true authenticity, peace and pure potential she had experienced while skydiving.

For more than 25 years, Eva has studied and taught with healers, shamans and masters from many different traditions. Among these masters was don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. The Toltec master selected Eva for an individual, intensive training that lasted for nine years, during which she also worked as his business manager, lived as his partner, gave talks, taught workshops and coached individuals alongside don Miguel and his family.

What came next for Eva would impact her far greater than hitting the ground from 10,000 feet. Eva was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease among other things. Before fully realizing what was unfolding, Eva had lost everything. Without a family, job/income and home, along with her health failing, Eva now had the most profound experience of her life.

True to her own teachings that every circumstance can be an opportunity, Eva’s entire focus went into healing, replenishing and working with masters across the globe to heal and strengthen her body and mind. She was once again in a free fall to her impeding death, only this time it was much slower.

Eventually exhausted, she realized that there were no answers, no solutions to be found outside of her. Once again the mental desire to control was released and there was peace. In this presence of existence itself, infinite potential naturally started flowing.

Humbled, restored and renewed she has set out, to share with others, the incredible process that birthed from her experiences.

Today Eva shares her message Rise in Love, a message of authentic love of self and life, the happiness that comes from stripping away personal stories, beliefs and falsehoods that shield us from our true selves, releasing all need for mental control.

She further combines her years consulting for businesses and working with executives, with her unique expertise, to create powerful programs that enhance company culture and the bottom line.

Rise in love is a metaphor for aligning all aspects of your being with existence itself, to allow pure potential to flow through you, making everything possible in your life.

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It takes more water to produce one kg of beef compare to one kilo of rice Economic growth and individual wealth are shifting diets from predominantly starch-based to meat and dairy, which require more water. Producing 1 kg of rice, for example, requires ~3,500 L of water, 1 kg of beef ~15,000 L, and a cup of coffee ~140 L (Hoekstra and Chapagain, 2008). This dietary shift is the greatest to impact on water consumption over the past 30 years.

Creating access to clean water might very well be the most powerful way to improve the world for all of us… and it does not have to be hard – You can make a difference, right here, right now

663 million people – 1 in 10 – lack access to safe water

1 in 9 people world wide do not have access to safe and clean drinking water

1/3 of the global population lives without access to a toilet.1,2

More people have a mobile phone than a toilet

  1. 884 million people in the world lack access to safe water supplies.
  2. More than 840,000 people die each year from water-related disease.
  3. Almost 2 in 3 people who need safe drinking water survive on less than $2 a day.
  4. In many developing countries, millions of women spend several hours a day collecting water from distant, often polluted sources.
  5. Every minute a child dies of a water-related disease.

Half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people suffering from a water-related disease

Nearly 1 out of every 5 deaths under the age of 5 worldwide is due to a water-related disease

According to the World Health Organization, for every $1 invested in water and sanitation, there is an economic return of between $3 and $34!

Less than 10 countries possess 60% of the world’s available freshwater supply.

Water facts

  • Only 0.5% of the world’s water resources are available to provide for the freshwater needs of our planet’s ecosystem and population. Water is not distributed evenly around the globe. Less than 10 countries possess 60% of the world’s available freshwater supply.
  • 8 billion people(1)still lack access to fresh water supply and 2.5 billion people need improved sanitation. Since 1940 the world’s water use has quadrupled whilst the world’s population has only doubled.
  • In 60% of the European cities with more than 100,000 people, groundwater is being used much faster than it can be replenished. At the same time, aging water networks systems waste more than 40% of water supply through leaks and cracks.

Everyone understands that water is essential to life. But many are only just now beginning to realise how essential it is to everything in life – health, food, energy, transportation, nature, leisure, and virtually all the products used on a daily basis.

Water is essential to health and social and economic development

  • Over 5,000 children die each day due to dirty water or poor hygiene
  • Half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering water borne diseases
  • Water-related diseases kill one child every 15 seconds
  • 1 Dollar invested in water/sanitation returns in 8 Dollars of economic growth

Water is essential to feed the world

  • 70% of the world’s water resources are needed for food production!
  • Producing food for the increasing world population will require 50% more freshwater
  • Increasing competition for water and inefficient irrigation practices could constrain future food production
  • In many developing nations, irrigation accounts for over 90% of the water withdrawn. Therefore, more water-efficient irrigation technologies need to be applied.
  • The cup of coffee you may drink while reading this page required 140 litres of water. 15.500 litres of water is needed to produce one kg of beef

Water is essential for agriculture and industry

  • Water is used to make every product on Earth. Therefore, all businesses and all business sectors depend on it in some way.
  • After agriculture, industry is the second largest user of water. However, the amount of water used varies widely from one type of industry to another
  • Water, energy and food are intrinsically linked: water is needed to produce energy, energy is needed to deliver the water needed for food production.


Water fact links:






What Filter is being distributed and why this filter?

The Sawyer filter is certified for ABSOLUTE microns, that means there is no pore size larger than 0.1 or 0.02 micron in size. This makes it impossible for harmful bacteria, protozoa, or cysts like E. coli, Giardia, Vibrio cholerae and Salmonella typhi (which cause Cholera and Typhoid) to pass through the Sawyer PointONE™ biological filter. At 7 log (99.99999%) the filter attains the highest level of filtration available today. Sawyer filters are comprised of tiny “U” shaped micro-tubes that allow water to enter into their core through minuscule micro-pores. Contaminates get trapped in the tubes while the decontaminated water passes freely through. The high number of those tiny tubes and their significant surface area allow the filter to have one of the fastest flow rates available in the world. This high flow rate makes our filters easily utilized as point-of-use solutions, which has eliminated the need to store water – one of the leading causes of contaminated water throughout the world.

You can find how this filter was made, and even see actual field studies here:


Where have the filters been used?

Sawyer’s revolutionary technology has also been implement in projects by the United Nations, and is currently being used in more than 70 countries around the world. Sawyer’s filters are so powerful, they could not actually be used for kidney dialysis anymore, as they would now remove beneficial particulates from human blood. They’ve been field tested for years by dozens of companies, professionals and are solving the global water crisis for hundreds of thousands of individuals internationally. When it comes to ensuring the safety of those who have trusted us to provide the most advanced solutions on the market, nothing less than 100% is good enough.

How long do the filters last?

Extensive testing in the lab and the field has proven that each filter can provide up to one million gallons of water. To give you an idea of how much that is, the World Health Organization says that an average human being can use up to two gallons per day, for everything from drinking, cooking, washing dishes, clothes, etc. So it would outlive an average human being. The filters output of clean water is up to 200 gallons per day based on its flow rate. So for a community of 100 people it can easily last a decade.

Where are donations going?

Waves For Water www.WavesForWater.org is the organization that is receiving 100% of the donations for The Waterbearers Campaign.

What does a $50 donation provide?

More than just a Filter! Just $50 provides the distribution of one .1 Micron Absolute Filter, Bucket Adapter, Bucket Hole Cutter, Filter Cleaner, Adapter Hose and Filter Hanger, as well as the delivery to community and training, along with field assessments.

Who is distributing the filters and where will they go?

We’ve chosen to work with Waves For Water as they have been delivering these filters in a systematic way since 2009 to 63 countries. They work with teams around the world for delivery to both disaster responses, like Nepal and Mexico, and to areas with regular high need like Haiti, countries in Africa and South America. You can see many stories and videos on their website. Our confidence is high in their ability to understand where to deliver systems, and to get trained teams to an area to ensure sustainability.

How do you ensure that 100 people are using one filter – is that even possible?

This number in the field may vary, depending on the communities they are provided to. However, we have distributed filters for years now and with actual field assessments to prove it is working. There are schools for example in Africa where 200 students a day are using one filter. When the distribution team provides a community with filters, the community leaders are taught how to use and care for the filters, and also how to set up a system that supports the entire community. This normally involves “water stations” that get set up with buckets and lids early in the morning and throughout the day.

Can I be a part of distribution of the filters?

We trust Waves For Water to deliver filters where they are most needed. However, since The Waterbearers is a qualified training and distribution team with Waves For Water, we will be providing opportunities for you to come join us for several distribution trips through 2016 and 2017. If you are interested in being part of one of these International Adventures, click Filter Distribution Team to be put on a special mailing list, so we can provide you with more information as it comes available.

Are one million people actually getting clean water on March 22nd?

No. By March 22 (World Water Day) we hope to have completed our goal to fund 10,000 filters to get one million people access to clean water! The distribution of the filters will occur over the next year. Our goal is to get one million people access to clean water by that date – knowing that we have funded the filters so Waves For Water can deliver them with properly trained teams. We will send you updates and periodic stories and videos from the field, so you can see your filters in action!

What qualifies The Waterbearers Team to run a campaign like this?

The Waterbearers Co-Founder Spryte Loriano, has been involved with delivering clean water systems since 2008. Her companies and affiliates have raised funds for and distributed systems in five countries to 30,000 people. You can see recently completed and ongoing projects with up-to-date field assessments here: thewaterbearers.org/projects/

Why are only Women being asked to lead a team?

Our campaign’s mission is to inspire Women who have access to clean water – to get it to those who do not. This is not just a one-time campaign, but a movement, bringing together our three Pillars: Women, Water and Wisdom. We believe there has never been a focused campaign for women to serve in this clearly defined way to provide clean water before, yet women are the original water bearers, right? In every nation, throughout history, it is the women and children who are responsible to gather and carry water for their communities. This is also a critical time on the planet that many indigenous cultures and spiritual texts have foretold, when there would be a shift or re-emergence of feminine-led wisdom. The Waterbearers site and movement is here to serve this shift, and to provide women with tools and resources to remember this sacred song of the feminine, and to support them to support each-other in redefining what Feminine Leadership looks like.

What are the responsibilities and benefits of being a Team Leader?

See list Team Leader Requirements and Benefits.

Can men join in?

YES! Even though each Team is led by a woman, the donations for filters may come from anyone and anywhere around the globe! Men, women, children, schools, organizations, companies, can all be involved in supporting each woman to achieve her goal.

Can I donate if I am not associated with any teams?

YES! Please do. You can either choose an Existing Team to Support even if you don’t know them, to join in the fun of being part of a goal being met and celebrated; or you can make a general donation by clicking the DONATE button at www.thewaterbearers.org/fundraise Your donation will still be added to our counter totals.

Can I mail a check instead of donating online?

YES! Please mail your check payable to:

Waves For Water

PO Box 57285

Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, US

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the memo = “the waterbearers campaign/woman leader “Name” in the memo line, or it will not be allocated to this campaign! Please add your email address for a receipt once payment is recorded on the website.

How can I find out more about the Women Leaders?

A couple of ways. First, you can see all of our Waterbearer Team Leaders and get access to their websites here: www.thewaterbearers.org/team-leaders/

Secondly, many of our Team Leaders have provided a FREE Resource located in our Wisdom Library that you can download immediately without needing to opt-in to email lists. If you like your free gift, please visit their website for more! Access Library here: www.thewaterbearers.org/wisdom-library/

Are there additional ways to engage with the 100 Women Team Leaders throughout this Campaign?

YES. Many of our Team Leaders are also hosting a Waterbearers Blab! A live “blab” is a wonderful way to have a conversation with our Waterbearers across the globe about Women, Water and Wisdom – you can participate via video, chat, or just watch and listen!

What other opportunities are available to Connect and Co-create with other conscious women through your website?

You can also access and join The Women Network womennetwork.com/

What happens with the Waterbearers Movement after the campaign is over?

We’ve only just begun! Please be sure to add your email at the top of our website and JOIN OUR MOVEMENT, we will keep you informed of new opportunities of engagement, or even be part of our clean water distribution team.

If I’m not a Team Leader, how best can I support the Campaign and the Movement?

Please support an Existing Team Leader with a Donation. In addition you can SHARE what we are up to! Go to an existing Team Leaders Campaign page (you will find a drop down list by clicking “Support an Existing Team” and use the SHARE buttons.

1. Go to The Waterbearers YouTube Channel and Vimeo and SHARE our videos.

2. Share and Like Us on Facebook www.facebook/thewaterbearers

Thank you so much for your interest and support

Waterbearer thoughts


Hi… I’m Eva Charlotte

I believe we are all ultimately vibrational beings, made of pure light… or we can call it love.

My passion in life is to Be that light, that love, to the best of my ability – in this eternal moment called Now

… and to inspire others to do the same – to be more of that which we truly are

I call it to Rise in Love, to rise up into the high vibration of love and light – our natural state of being

This can be done in the small mundane things of daily life – or on a global level,

every action counts, every single moment matters…

you and I matter – we can all make a difference, right here, right now

One thing I care deeply about is water.

Water is essential for life – all life… plants, animals, you and me

Clean water raises the vibration; it brings health and subsequently wellness in other areas of life…

I believe keeping the body of water on this earth as clean as possible is crucial for us all… not just in third world countries. Every human body consists of almost 70% water, I think we’d all like that to be clean water

I lived with a shaman deep in the Peruvian jungle for a while, with no access to electricity or running water. I drank the same water they did, using a small filter I carried with me. I watch the murky water turn clear and I never had any issues.

I went to Ecuador to deliver the same kind of filters to indigenous tribes in the Amazon jungle and the Andes. To witness their excitement and gratitude over the possibility of clean water was deeply touching… water truly is life.

Now I’m part of a campaign to bring clean water to 1 million people for at least a decade by providing them with the very same filters I used myself in the jungle. I know it works; it’s easy and very affordable… at least to us.

50 US dollars will provide 100 people with clean water for 10 years… that’s 10 cups of coffee at your local coffee shop – skip one for each year someone else gets clean water… it’s that simple to help raise the vibration, the support other with clean water.

I invite you to join me in raising the vibration in our world – by rising in love yourself, by supporting others to do the same

and right now by delivering clean water to those who needs it the most

you’ll find all the info needed right here on this screen

I hope to connect with you soon. Thank you