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Improve Your Life with 6 Phase Meditation

It’s designed to be used as a daily affirmation for manifesting
abundance, and with daily practice, you’ll see your creative power
and energy continue to grow and flourish.
This meditation definitely packs a (zen-like) punch, and will help
improve many aspects of your life, including: connection, relationships,
creative visualization, and freedom from negative charges.
So, without further ado, 10 minutes and a quiet space is all you need!

And if you’d like to hear the guided meditation that accompanies this
infographic (and we really recommend that you do)
click here.

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So, sit back, relax, and let the meditation do the work for you :-)



International Pay it Forward Day


The ripple effect begins!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

There is tremendous power and positive energy in giving – it is a shame that not enough people have experienced it to the fullest. Pay It Forward Day is about all people, from all walks of life giving to someone else and making a positive difference. At last count there were more than 38 countries around the world participating in the day.

So why Pay it Forward?
To encourage all of us to embrace the incredible power of giving.
To show each other that we care and that there is love, hope and magic all around us.
To know that we may be only one person in this world, but to one person, at one time, we are the world.

Make a difference and experience the true power of giving. Thank you for your support. Together we can change the world – one good deed at a time!

In 2011, participants paid it forward in 35 countries with 7 state & 15 city proclamations. Click here to check out some Pay It Forward Day 2011 activities that were conducted las year.

For this year’s international Pay it Forward Day (PIFD) we are aiming to inspire over 3 million acts of kindness around the world. Imagine the difference that would make! We already have people involved from over 49 countries.


Pay for someone’s cup of coffee
Get the next person’s food, toll, petrol, etc.
Help someone out in need
Be creative!!! Click here for more ideas.

Countries Involved (Year began involvement)
Let us know if we have missed your country by emailing us at payitforwardday@gmail.com
Australia (2007)
United States of America (USA)
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
Puerto Rico
Brazil (2011)
Costa Rica (2011)
Indonesia (2011)
El Salvador (2011)
Mozambique (2011)
Guatemala (2011)
Columbia (2011)
Denmark (2012)*
Georgia (2012)*
Austria (2012)*
Bangladesh (2012)*
Malaysia (2012)*
Czech Republic (2012)*
Japan (2012)*
Kuwait (2012)*
Taiwan (2012)*
Belarus (2012)*
Ethiopia (2012)*
Serbia (2012)*
Hungary (2012)*- Facebook
Philippines (2012)* – Website
Vietnam (2012)* – Website
Belize (2012)*
Israel (2012)*

Proclamations – USA States (Year began involvement)

Colorado (2011)
Florida (2011)
Georgia (2010)
Illinois (2010)
Indiana (2010)
Nevada (2010) – view
New Hampshire (2010)
Oregon (2012) – view
Wisconsin (2012)

Proclamations – Canada Provinces & Territories (Year began involvement)
Alberta (2012)
British Columbia (2012)
Newfoundland & Labrador (2012)
Ontario (2012)
Quebec (2012)
Saskatchewan (2012)
Proclamations – Cities (Year began involvement)
Brevard County, Florida, USA (2010)
Cocoa, Florida, USA (2010)
Corpus Christie, Texas, USA (2012)
Daytona Beach, Florida, USA (2010)
Denver, Colorado, USA (2011)
Elkhart, Indiana, USA (2010)
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (2011)
Henderson, Nevada, USA (2009)
Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA (2011) – view
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (2009)
Milwaukie, Oregon, USA (2012) – view / video
Okotoks, Alberta, Canada (2012)
Oregon, Ohio, USA (2011)
Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA (2011)
Perrysburg, Ohio, USA (2010)
Pickering, Ontario, Canada (2012) – view
Reno, Nevada, USA (2010)
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (2009)
San Diego, California, USA (2009)
Westminster, Colorado, USA (2010)
Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada (2010)

*new country or proclamation

For contacts and more information go to:



3 Tips for Finding True Love Any Time of Year

By: Shay Dawkins

So many people go searching for their true love in nightclubs, singles clubs, through online dating sites and among friends of friends. The truth is, finding true love starts right in your own home – or, more accurately, in your own heart.

Before you can find true love in a relationship, you must find it within yourself.

Here are three simple ways to attain true love for you, yourself, and your life as a whole. You’ll be amazed at how quickly romantic love will follow.

• Be thankful for everything (including your mistakes). Learn to be thankful for the good things in your life. That will help you appreciate all the small things and give you a happier, positive outlook (which, by the way, is very attractive.) Be thankful for your mistakes, too. Everything in your life, both the triumphs and the stumbles, shape us as people. Mistakes are valuable learning experiences and, when viewed as such and appreciated, regrets and bitterness of yesterday will fade away. Peace and love will enter in to your life immediately!

• Forgive others so that you can forgive yourself. Forgiving is as much for you as  it is for the person who did you wrong. For starters, when you can forgive others, you can forgive yourself. Some of us are harder on ourselves than anyone else would ever be. We need to be as forgiving of our own faults and misdeeds as we are other people’s. Holding onto anger and resentment, whether it’s directed at someone else or ourselves, robs us of opportunities for joy. Truly

forgive whoever’s hurt you – you don’t have to like them! – and fully experience happiness.

• Find enjoyment and satisfaction in every day. Strive to find the happiness in your average, workaday life. For most of us, a typical Friday will be a much happier day than a typical Monday, but live each average Monday to its fullest as you would live each fun Friday to the fullest!  If you strive to live in love each day, then you will have no regrets. There are many more average days than holidays and vacations – don’t waste them! Find satisfaction in your work, enjoy the process of doing a good job and learning new skills, and every day will be an abundance of joy.

In my book, The Good News: How Revealing Delusions In Christianity Will Bring Peace To All (www.thegoodnewsbook.com), I lay out the numerous biblical instructions to love, forgive and be grateful. If we each apply these simple teachings to our own lives, no matter what our religion, we’ll create a happier world.

To both the people with a special someone and those without – be thankful. Love and happiness come from within, not from another person. We all have something to celebrate, not only at Valentine’s Day but all year long.




About Shay Dawkins

Shay Dawkins is a Tuscaloosa, Alabama, businessman who grew up in Baptist and Pentecostal churches. His observances about how Christianity can be divisive despite being based on one book led to his analysis of the Bible. Check out his YouTube video, “Why It Should Be About Love, Not Religion.”

If you would like to run the above article, please feel free to do so. I am able to provide images if you would like some to accompany it. If you’re interested in interviewing Shay Dawkins for a feature/Q&A, let me know and I’ll gladly work out details. Lastly, please let me know if you’d be interested in receiving a copy of his book, The Good News, for possible review.


Bracelets changing the world

One of the most amazing and inspiring woman! Dawn Sprong (Dear Reason)

Changing the world one wrist at a time!

Bracelets that are creating true blessings. Every time you look at your wrist think of at least 4 things you are thankful or grateful for.

I LOVE wearing the bracelet s and be constantly grateful and thankful. How many times do you see your wrist in a day?

I am grateful infinity!!


Love & Peace



blessing bracelets – changing the world

I just met the most amazing woman! Dawn Sprong (Dear Reason)

She is changing the world and inspiring gratitude every where – Thank you infinity! She has created gratitude, blessing bracelets inspriing gratefuliness everytime you look at your wrist – I LOVE MINE

Grateful infinity

Love & Peace

charity  – i’ll post a photo later in the meantime check out her website http://dearreason.com/77055307-Blessing-Bracelet.aspx


Thought for the day!

“We must do that which we think we cannot.”—– Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady

I would love to hear your thoughts — anyone?

I’m grateful infinity,




talum, mexico

I’m so very very grateful – I love the feeling of gratitude – I wish that the whole world felt it too – Please share with me and positive impact how grateful you are – Thank you infinity

Love yas


Gratitude: For A Better Future

By: Marci Wise – Blog #3

Work toward a better future. Practicing gratitude also serves the purpose of keeping us focused on what is, instead of what could have been. Although we must have a vision of what we’d like to achieve down the line, the power moment is this one. Read more >


Gratitude: The First Step toward a More Positive World


By Marci Wise

The impact of adopting an “attitude of gratitude” can be profound. Shifting our perceptions from what’s wrong with our lives to what’s right is the first step toward creating a more positive world. This simple action can be amazingly transformational. Here are 5 powerful ways that tapping into our gratitude gets the ball of positive change rolling:

Offering of Gratitude - Bali 2010 - Photo: Jen Hellmann

  1. Take time to smell the roses. When we’re aware of all the great things in our lives, we naturally enjoy our life more. Sometimes even the most mundane of actions like sipping a steaming, hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning  can be one of our happiest indulgences if we’ll just take the time to truly enjoy it. Those simple pleasures are fuel in our tanks and help us to persevere when times get tough.
  2. Recognize that contentment is contagious. When we’re aware of our current blessings, we naturally become kinder and more charitable to the people around us. Others are drawn to our newfound positivity and can’t help but feel the same way. Gratitude begins a domino effect that touches people exponentially and has the potential to grow into a powerful new wave of thinking.
  3. Appreciate the good that is everywhere. The world is full of wonderful things if we’ll just choose to see them. People dream, flowers bloom and our pets adore us. And when all else fails, just remember that as long as hot fudge exists, things really can’t be all that bad.
  4. Work toward a better future. Practicing gratitude also serves the purpose of keeping us focused on what is, instead of what could have been. Although we must have a vision of what we’d like to achieve down the line, the power moment is this one. Now is the time to begin working toward a better future. Goals are fine, but what can you do today to get one step closer to your vision?
  5. Reflect on accomplishments. Since we came into the world with nothing, focusing on what’s right in our lives reminds us to reflect on what we’ve already achieved. These are our hard-earned treasures. Acknowledging them shows that we already have a proven pattern of accomplishment and now know from experience that with the right plan, we can effect positive change.

In a world of six billion people, how can one individual make a difference and begin to create a better world? By simply being grateful for what already is. Just think what each of us can accomplish if we’re appreciating what we have, indulging in the moment, working toward a better future and uplifting others along the way. I can’t think of a better plan for making a “positive impact” than that.