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Hands Across the Sand

Join Hands Across The Sand on Saturday, May 18 at the Bilmar Beach Resort and join Sierra Club, Surfriders and Gulf Restoration Network as we all come together to Join Hands AT NOON and show our support for Clean Energy and against Dirty Fuels and Off Shore Drilling on our beautiful beaches.

The Florida Cup Paddle Board Championships are that day so COME OUT EARLY to enjoy the beach and fun, participate in a beach clean up and more.

Find out about the Paddle Board Championship here:https://www.facebook.com/events/408166552572819/
And if you would like to join in the BBQ and Raffle for the Paddle Board Championship Register Here: https://www.imathlete.com/events/EventReg/EventReg_SelectType.aspx?fEID=15264&fNew=1

Join the kick off event to engage in the conversation on how the gulf is doing since the BP Oil Spill and what we can do in the Tampa Bay area to move Beyond Oil – see the Thursday, May 16 Pre Hands event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/401559466618511/


Join Hands Across the Sand to Protect our Oceans: Coming to a Beach Near You

Help Protect Our Oceans this August 4th, 2012: 

Hands Across the Sand

Baha Mexico - Photo by Charity beck

Help raise awareness by joining hands across the globe to say NO to offshore oil drilling and YES to clean energy and renewables.


On August 4th at 12:00 p.m. in your time zone, people of the world will have an opportunity to join hands and draw a line in the sand against expanding offshore oil drilling and championing clean energy for a sustainable planet.  This event will happen on beaches and in cities across the world.

Hands Across the Sand is a movement made of people of all walks of life. It transcends political affiliations and crosses the borders of the world. This movement is not about politics — it is about the protection of our coastal economies, oceans, marine wildlife and fisheries.  The accidents that continue to happen in offshore oil drilling are a threat to all of the above.  Expanding offshore oil drilling is not the answer; embracing clean energy is.

We are joining hands to say NO to offshore oil drilling and Yes to Clean Energy.  We are joining hands to end our dependence on oil and coal and embrace a clean energy future for a sustainable planet. Hands Across the Sand has been a global success with thousands of events in all 50 states and over 40 countries worldwide, from New Zealand to Hawaii. Joining hands is a powerful way to say NO to offshore drilling and YES to clean energy!


What are we trying to accomplish?

On a local, national and global level, Joining Hands sends a powerful visual message of human solidarity to our nation’s leaders. We are unified in the defense of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we consume from dangerous, dirty energy sources. Every time we join hands that message is reinforced. It’s simple and logical: embrace clean energy.


Last year on June 25, 2011, the Positive Impact Team spread out along the coast to participate in the Hands Across the Sand movement.

We hit the Florida beaches of Clearwater, Dunedin, and Treasure Island to join hands as a visual reminder that, as Ghandi said,

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

From our toes on American sand to beaches all over the world, one by one hands clasped together at 12:00pm on the shore line in acknowledgment and acceptance that it is our job to protect our oceans, our job to raise awareness of the importance of clean energy and to make it known that off shore drilling is “Not the Answer.”

Two participants at the Clearwater location, Michael Walker and Sherl Hackett, were able to share a few words with us. Michael Walker believes wholeheartedly that any situation can be positive if the right light is shed upon it. Although the tragic BP oil spill sparked environmental issues and raised highly negative controversies, we can not change what happened. We must learn and grow. “It happened and nature will repair itself. We are so fragile as a planet, maybe the BP thing woke us up.” If this is so, and as a whole we are all now wide awake to see our environment in trouble, then we need to act now. Events, such as Hands Across the Sand, provide opportunities for us to exchange ideas and raise awareness.

Sherl Hackett expressed the sense of urgency we all feel to find solutions. “While humankind has made enormous progress in improving material welfare over the past two centuries, this progress has come at the lasting cost of degradation of our natural environment. Yet, even if we stop global engines of growth now, the depletion and pollution of our natural environment would still continue because of the existing consumption patterns and production methods. There is an urgent need to find new development pathways which would ensure environmental sustainability and reverse ecological destruction, while managing to provide now and in the future a decent livelihood for all mankind. Therefore, it is very important that we protect our environment before there is a major catastrophe.”

The Positive Impact Team is very excited to be participating in Hands Across the Sand again, August 4th! Join us!

Every hand matters. Every hand means that one more person is spreading the message to their families, friends, and communities. That’s just one hand, imagine what thousands represent. Together, we further the message of clean energy and stop off shore drilling.


For more information on Hands Across the Sand and to find event in your local area, visit www.handsacrossthesand.com

To check out more ways to help our oceans, check out www.nottheanswer.org


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Hands Across The Sand is Coming to Your Beach or City June 25th, 2011

Hands Across The Sand

Hands Across the Sand is a movement made of people of all walks of life and crosses political affiliations and the borders of the world. This movement is not about politics — it is about the protection of our coastal economies, oceans, marine wildlife and fisheries.  The accidents that continue to happen in offshore oil drilling are a threat to all of the above.  Expanding offshore oil drilling is not the answer; embracing Clean Energy is.

For more information and where you can participate visit: http://www.handsacrossthesand.com