Stephanie Pego

Modern movies like “The Hangover” or “Ocean’s Eleven” pump up the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas that those who hail from outside Nevada all imagine as the daily face of the city. It is true, at least partly. Yes, the inhabitants of “Sin City” do things bigger, faster and with more spotlights than many other places in the United States, but what Las Vegas also does is revolutionize its fitness game.

Aleeza Freeman is an attractions lifestyle expert for, a site that advertises the many interests of Las Vegas. When guests to this city are taking a break from watching a famous show at one of the many hotels or from listening to the happy clink of quarters rushing out of slot machines, Freeman says that they are probably investing back into their health and fitness.

Las Vegas is definitely changing with the times and has become not only a city of monetary wealth, but also one rich in higher conciseness. Freeman expressed that things in Las Vegas are changing to accommodate the new mindful and holistic movement that has been sweeping the United States in the last few years. Some easy-to-see changes include an increase in gluten-free menus and full fledged vegetarian friendly restaurants.

Guests to Las Vegas can stay well within city limits and discover a new soul to the city. One shining example of how Las Vegas fuses new consciousness with its traditional magical charm is a very popular new yoga class. Hosted by the Mirage Hotel, this traditional yoga class is located inside the hotel in a very unique viewing room. While working on your Downward-Facing Dog or Warrior pose, yogis in training can set their minds free by getting an underwater view of the Mirage’s dolphins.

Freeman has taken the class before and recommends it enthusiastically. “Sometimes the dolphins actually try to imitate you in your postures. It is just so cool. The instructor for the course is wonderful and she can work with all skill levels,” she explained.

In addition to dolphin-inspired yoga, the CityCenter, a mixed-use, urban complex sitting on 67 acres has an indoor hiking route through the Aria Resort. The hike through the Aria brings a dose of history with trailhead. Signing up for the Aria Hike, guests are given a bag with a mat, weights and water. Then, the tour and sweating begins. Pausing to do push-ups in front of works of art, “hikers” learn about the gorgeous architecture between lunges. Freeman described how every muscle used on a natural mountain range is targeted here and there are plenty of stairs to mimic the incline cardio. Of course, the state of Nevada also boasts its own breathtaking mountain range and canyon valleys like Diamond Peak, Mt. Rose and Red Rock Canyon.

The aim of Las Vegas is to challenge the concept of what normal has to be and to make their urban jungle an equal opportunity city to have fun and be healthy. A few more options worth mentioning are full-sized boxing ring at the Cosmopolitan, a 40-foot rock climbing wall available to guests of the Venetian and the Palazzo as well as the indoor canals that offer an energized atmosphere for power walking. “Vegas is about taking an ordinary experience and making it extraordinary,” Freeman explained. “It’s a city that refuses to say no.”