It’s time to make that trip out to Seattle before it’s too late. Why? The 20 years of gooey history at the famous Gum Wall at Pike Place Market is coming down next week. It is estimated that there are more than a million pieces of gum on the wall, with some spots on the wall 6 inches thick. The cleaning comes after concern that the additives, chemicals and sugars in gum are starting to wear on the building’s brick exterior. Don’t worry though–once the wall is cleaned off, the tradition is welcomed to continue. So while you’re there to see the wall before the cleaning, stay a while to see the after, and be one of the first to add to the freshly rejuvenated canvas. Your spit-laden chew could be a part of history for the next 20 years!


The popular, sticky Pike Place Market attraction will get a heavy-duty scrubdown next week. Officials know the gum is sure to come back, but they’re hoping it will be contained to a smaller area.

Source: Pike Place Market to clean 20 years of gum from famous gum wall