Imagine a pristine, crystal clear, rectangular swimming pool overlooking city streets and sky scrapers. Now imagine it suspended between two high rise buildings. The Sky Pool, to be implemented by Ballymore Group in London, will be constructed entirely of 20 cm thick glass hanging 10 stories (or 115 feet) above city sidewalks and pedestrians below. The pool will serve as a bridge between the rooftops of two apartment buildings in the Nine Elms district of London. Ballymore’s vision for the project presses the bounds of construction and engineering. Once completed, the Sky Pool will serve as the world’s first glass-bottom pool. Construction is set to begin this year with leases opening in 2018.

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Luxury is about to be redefined in London. An ambitious project plans to build a “sky pool” made entirely of glass and hanging 10 stories above the ground. The 25 by 5 meter by 3 meter deep pool will be made of 20 cm thick glass, and will act as a sort of bridge between two apartment buildings in London’s Nine Elms district. On site construction begins this year, and in 2018 buyers will be able to move in.
Source: World’s First Glass-Bottom “Sky Pool” Will Let You Swim 115 Feet Above London