There is nothing quite like reading before bed to wind down after a long day. Now, the innovators at Book and Bed in Tokyo bring all the comforts of at-home reading to you while you travel. The bookstore-themed hotel, coming next month, houses more than a thousand English and Japanese-language books along with beds rooted among the bookshelves so guests can sleep where they read. The cozy compartments range in dimensions from 80.7 x 33.5 inches to 80.7 x 50.8 inches and the cost per night varies from $30- $50 per night. On opening day November 5th in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood the hotel library will house 1,700 books, but hopes to expand to nearly 3,000 in the coming months. Though we’re sure by the time they open, the folks at Book and Bed will have plenty of stories.

blockquote>Some people love books, while other get put to sleep by them. Book and Bed Tokyo, a bookstore-themed hotel located on the seventh floor of a high-rise in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood that opens its doors on November 5th, is perfect for both.

Source: Bookstore-Themed Tokyo Hotel Has 1,700 Books And Sleeping Shelves Next To Them