Contrary to popular belief, taking time off work will make you more productive. Plus, it’s good for your personal life.

It’s almost the end of the year. Do us a favor and check how much vacation time you have left, we’ll wait. Alright, now tell us how much you have left and how much is going to roll over? We’re guessing the answers are “a lot” and “not much.” We get it, it’s hard to find the perfect time to take off for a few days, but the vast majority of Americans are happier when they take time off. What’s more, when they return to work, they’re more effective. Heck, even your manager wants you to leave once in a while! Most of them feel it benefits both your mental and physical health. If that isn’t enough incentive, using vacation time also correlates with lower depression levels, less stress, lower blood pressure and less pounds around your waist. So next year, use up that PTO, you deserve it!